Friday, December 7, 2012

f-AB-ulously Fit Friday

Welcome to this week f-AB-ulously Fit Friday!

It was a quiet night and a good night's sleep last night.  With that done and now said...I was up shortly after 5:30am and I was able to get in Workout 2 from Body Revolution and Killer Abs Level 1.  Lots of Abs today.  I will talk more of Killer Abs starting next week.  Let me just tell you again that it is a fABulous workout.  I love doing the Plank to Pike move.  It ROCKS!  And with doing moves like this will so will my ABS and so will yours if you do this workout too.  Tonight I can hear my abs screaming, but also shouting for joy.  They are shouting for joy because soon they will be visible enough to show off.  They will show off...not me.  I am not a show off.  I will be proud of my accomplishment, but I won't be going Christmas shopping in jeans and a bikini top.  Strutting my stuff through the shops...nope...that's not me.  I will post a picture of them here on my blog though.  For progress purposes only.  LOL  I just have to keep working on them.

In addition to the workout, don't forget to eat right too.  You can't out train a bad diet.  The proper definition of the word "Diet" is  1. Noun - The kinds of foods that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.  Verb - Restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight: "It is difficult to diet in a house full of cupcakes".

I don't like using the word "Diet" when talking about food, because then a lot of people think..."oh what happens when you go off your diet".  I like using the term "eating right" or "eating healthy".  It is a change in your eating habits and not going on a specific fad diet.  Yes, I have adapted bits and pieces from some so called "Diets" out there, but there has been a CHANGE in the way I eat, and the things that I eat.  I no longer drink pop of any kinds, diet or regular.  Water is pretty much all I drink really.  Yes I eat chocolate, but it's the good stuff.  Dark chocolate 70% (cacao) or greater, no chocolate bars, which are not really chocolate bars, but should be referred to as candy bars, because of the sugar content.  A fad diet will work if you follow it, but what does happen when the allotted time is up and you do go back to the way you ate before????  You will gain the weight back and maybe more.  Make sure if you do try one of these "diets", know about the foods you are eating and why you are eating them.  Learn the benefits of good CLEAN foods, and make them part of the rest of your life.  Let the hold that sugar has over you GO.  Once you can do that, you will be well on your way to A Healthier Version of YOU!

Today I tried to make some Ginger Snaps using Oat Flour.  They didn't turn out so well.  They tasted good, but they flattened out to almost paper thin and see through...

I think if I would have added another cup of oat flour they would have held their shape.  I am going to try the recipe again and once I have it so that they resemble a cookie shape and form, I will post the recipe.  
These were also made with coconut oil instead of butter.

I tried making another batch using Coconut Flour and they did the opposite of the above pictures.  They held their shape and form a little too much for my liking and they were a bit on the dry side.  I used butter with this batch.  Sorry I forgot to take a picture and they are all the way downstairs and I don't feel like going all the way down there to take a picture of them.  Call me lazy if you want...I don't care.  
It's been a long day and I am tired now.  I don't know about your kids, but my two are absolutely crazy.  The closer it gets to Christmas, the crazier they get.  I tell them..."Santa's watching"...they don't care, they still don't listen.
As I said it's been a LONG day and I'm tired.  Thankfully they are both in bed now.  This is what my daughter got up to this afternoon after school.  I asked her 3 times not to tie the scarf on the...

She told me she was taking Belle for a walk.  Belle adores her.
So cute, but I wish she would listen sometimes.

I bought the movie "We Bought A Zoo" starring Matt Damon.  LOVED IT!  It was even better to see that it was based on a true story.  I do remember hearing that when it first hit the theaters.  Spent my evening watching it with my family and now wrapping up this day with the writing of this post.  Tomorrow brings me to some more cardio.  So I am going to try and get out for a run and finally finish off the C25K program.  Next week I move onto the 5to10K program.  My husband has to work part of tomorrow, so I may just start my day with a SPIN.  It's been a while.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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