Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rockin' Body Party Express and Power Yoga

I started my day with a little dancing and some Power Yoga.

It was a rough night in our house.  My son was having some bad dreams and my daughter was up coughing again, and then she made her way into our bedroom.  I had planned to get up at 7:00-7:30am.  I didn't get up until about an hour later, and I was still tired.  My husband had left for work already so I couldn't go out for a run, so I made my way downstairs to workout instead.  I was thinking of spinning, but my bike is upstairs, right above our bedroom and my daughter was still asleep in there so I didn't want to wake her.

So I decided to Dance, dance, dance.  I put in Rockin' Body Party Express for a little bit of fun and fitness.

It's only 25 minutes long so I had time to do something else too.  The Party Express workout is a lower impact workout but does have the option of pushing the UP button.  With having a rough night, I took it a bit easier and mixed the intensity today.  I was movin' and sweatin' and burning calories.  It was all good.

After I danced up a storm, I decided to do some Yoga.  I have a great Power Yoga workout that I like to do, but it is an hour long.  A reader, Elaine, had left a comment the other day about a Power Yoga workout she had found tried off of YouTube.  I checked it out yesterday and it was only 31 minutes in length, so I thought I would give it a try today.  It has many of the same moves and poses as the other workout that I have, but the good thing about this one is that it's half the time.  Since I am going to be doing Jillian's Killer Abs workout 3 times a week starting next week, I felt that I didn't need to do extra core strengthening today.

The Power Yoga workout on YouTube is called Power Yoga with Bryan Jones It was a good workout.  However, I did get disrupted by my two children fighting over cereal and fell out of a few poses.  The problem was resolved and I was back in top form and holding the Half Moon pose.  I will be doing this workout again for sure.

Shortly after I finished my husband came home, I ate my breakfast and then had a shower.  I got ready to carry on with my day.  I wanted to go out and get some Christmas shopping done, so I left the kids at home with my husband.  It was SO nice to get out of the house by myself.  I had to drop off the items of the Maus Wear job that I was working on, and then onto some shopping.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post...the kids are getting crazier as it gets closer to Christmas.  So WHY??? was I looking for gifts for them???  I DON'T KNOW!!!!  Maybe I am getting crazier too!  I also had to start shopping for something for my husband.  He is so hard to shop for.  He says he has started a list, but he has not given it to me yet.  Time is ticking Honey.

As soon as I returned home, we had to go back out to my husband's work.  So what happened to the run that I was hoping to get done today...

It didn't happen.  Today's weather was one of those days that is the not-so-nice outdoor running weather that I have to get over.  On our way back home, the weather was much nicer but it was starting to get dark already and I had things to do at home.  Excuse...maybe...but at least I got a workout or two in this morning.  I think if I had the proper gear for all weather running, I would be more pumped about going out on a cold and rainy day.  Right now I only have 1 pair of running shoes, and I use those shoes for running and my other workouts.  I don't have a waterproof running jacket. go out on a day like today, I would have got soaked and my shoes full of mud.  Excuse...maybe.  Over the next year I will Reward myself with new running and workout gear.  I think the first Reward purchase will be a new pair of running shoes.  UNLESS...Santa brings me some new shoes...that would be AWESOME!!!  So remember Santa...size 8.  I also want to get some of those funky high compression socks.  These pink ones are pretty cool looking...
Wouldn't I look great running around in this combo come the spring time with my sexy runners legs???  LOL

Check out these shoes that I designed on the NIKE website...
The are my "A Healthier Version of Me" running shoes.
Maybe I will order them in the New Year.
I don't know if you can see the ID on the tongue of the shoe...  
On the right shoe it says, "Phatso" and on the left shoe it says, "Slim".

These shoes would go great with the new mitts I bought last weekend.  They are black with bright orange on them.  These would look awesome with a pair of blue compression socks too.  

Okay enough about fashion and stylish running gear.

Today's Breakfast: Chocolate Pomegranate Protein Mug Cake

Doesn't this look good?
Well it is...I mean was.
With these little mug cakes you can add almost anything to them.  Experiment with different ingredients to make your own yummy creations.  This one also had a half a banana in it too.  Super delicious!

Enough talk now, it's time to relax now.  Tomorrow is to be my Rest Day but I may try to get out for a run.  We shall see what happens.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



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