Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Killer Abs + Spin = A Killer Combo

Today's workout...Killer Abs Level 2 + Spin

This is SO true!
Maybe I will make myself one...just kidding.

This morning I rocked the second level of Jillian's Killer Abs Workout.  The one move in this one that I have to work on, is the Side Plank Angels...I think that's what she calls them.  I can do some of them on both sides, but not all of them YET.  I seem to fall all over the place when I'm doing them.  It's the whole lifting the leg thing.  I have no problem doing Side Planks/Side Plank's just when I have to lift that upper leg that I start to lose my balance.  I will get it though.  It's ALL progress...Never give up!

In this level there are a few different versions of Push Ups to help work your core.  Jillian does give you options, so don't shy away if you are not a fan of Push Ups.  You will get through them.  Concentrate on your core and keeping it tight, and you will ROCK them.

I paired this Killer workout with my favourite cardio...Spinning.  I only had time to do a shorter spin session today, but I killed it.  I belong in the saddle and will be getting back it again sooner rather than later.  

I had some time this afternoon to start on a new dress for my little girl for Christmas...

Taking some down time this afternoon allowed me to work on this dress.  I have been wanting to make something up out of this fabric for the longest time.  It is going to ROCK this Christmas!
Sparkles, Skulls and Stars VS Santa Claus...LOL
She is going to look lovely in this.  I will post a picture when I have it done.

I am feeling yesterday's Glorious Glutes workout.  I am sure that I will be feeling it tomorrow after today's spin.  It's a good thing that I will be working the front of the body tomorrow.  It will give my back, glutes and hams a break.  

I am going to rest up now and get ready for tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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