Thursday, December 13, 2012

HOLY Triceps!

Today I chose to do Jillian's Workout 5 from Body Revolution.  HOLY Triceps!!!!

I can never remember what the exact moves are in each of the Body Revolution Workouts, so when I was choosing a workout to do this morning, I knew that it would be “Chest, Shoulders, Triceps with a little bit of Abs”, as Jillian says.  But I forgot HOW MUCH Triceps in this one.  She really works them in Workout 5.  I like the element of surprise, so with not being able to remember…it’s just like Christmas everyday, only without the turkey dinner.  Not that there’s anything wrong with turkey.  It’s the stuffing and the other not-so-good fixings.

Jillian nails the Triceps with super sets of Chest, Shoulders and TRICEPS…followed by Chest, Shoulders, TRICEPS.  I find that the T’s really take a kicking, more so than the others.   The Abs, not so much.  But that’s okay because I am taking care of those again tomorrow with Killer Abs.

I am fighting off yet another cough/cold.  I am not letting this one get to me, I am fighting my way through it.  I am eating right and working out hard.  I am getting a little more rest than I did a few months back.  I am drinking lots and lots of water.  That is a key thing for me this time around.  I drank about 12 cups of water well before noon today.  I find I always drink more in the morning than I do in the afternoon.  I seem to slow down, but that's okay because then I won't be waking up in the night to go to the bathroom.  My total water intake for today was about 18-20 cups.  I had a cup that I was drinking from and then my kids got at it, so I drank somewhere between 18-20 cups.  I feel my body getting flushed out, and it feels great.

Short post tonight.  I had to go out and do some running around…NO not on foot, but rather in the car.   I will get back to running again soon.  I had a few Christmas things to do and I have run out of time.

One great thing that happened today…I got my spin bikes fixed up and tuned up.  One of them has been down for a while and the other two just needed a check up.  Now I have 3 bikes that are in top shape and ready to go for a SPIN.  Thanks Mike!

Spinning, running, abs, glutes, spinning, running, abs, glutes…Oh yeah!  Look out 2013…I’m ready for you!  But I’m not waiting for you.  I will not be a Resolution Baby.  I am a REVOLUTION, BABY!
I will end 2012 on a high note and start 2013 even higher.  Bring it!

The only food of today that I will share with you quick is...
Lunch: Salmon Burger on a Lettuce Bun

Instead of using a bun for my salmon burger, I used layers of head lettuce.
So good!

After a good night sleep tonight, I will be hitting the back of the body again tomorrow along with some Killer Abs.   

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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