Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Workout Day 34 of Build Your Best Body + Day 2 of March Break

Workout Day 34 of the BYBB program was pretty much the same as my previous workout.  In keeping with working out, it is Day 12 of the March Squat Challenge which = 200 squats.  I got them covered.  My knees were a bit sore this morning when I did my first set of squats, but they seem to be okay now.  I finished the 200 up just now.  Tomorrow I start increasing by 5's and not 10's, just until I get to around 250, then it goes back to increments of 10's again.

Since starting the Build Your Best Body program and now that I am doing the Squat Challenge, I feel HEAVY.  My body feels solid.  My legs feel like tree trunks.  My butt feels like a rock.  To some this might sound negative...but it's not.  The muscle that is building will burn the fat that is still skulking around on my body.  Of course I don't want to lose ALL the fat off my body, but definitely more can go.  I have already told you how I have increased my calorie intake with the meal plan from this program, and I think initially I had gained some weight.  But I have been staying away from the scale so it doesn't discourage me on my journey.  It's bad enough feeling like my butt is sticking out 10 feet.  I am still waiting for my abs to show some REAL definition.  My midsection also feels like it is rock hard, but there is still that dreaded layer of fat around it.  BUT...IT WILL GO!
I am eating clean and working out, so no matter how I am feeling right now, I know that I am still on track.  I hope this post doesn't sound too negative, I just had a bit of a rough day.  It started off nice and quiet at breakfast time...

At breakfast time, this is what happened...

Oats, Egg Whites, Strawberries and Almond Butter

Then this happened...

My little girl made herself a honey and cinnamon sandwich to eat and before she ate it, she wanted to take a picture of it.  And of course her bear had to be watching over.  LOL

My 2 year "Fitaversary" is coming up on May 27th and I would like to get closer to my goal weight of 130 lbs.  There were a few times last year where I was wanting to hit this goal, but I was not focused enough on that goal. Maybe I had too much on the go, and was not focused enough on myself.  I know that stress didn't help with this either.  There have been some things going on in my life that have stressed me out quite a bit and had caused me to lose focus some days.  As strong as I am, there are things that have drove me SO crazy that I had done some stress eating.  Most times I rocked out a workout, but there were times I reached for food instead.  And today was one of those days...

Day 2 of the March Break

The older children brought their Nintendo DS game systems and realized they could text each other with them.  They were sitting right next to each other. LOL.  During craft time, we made bracelets and beads went flying.  This morning we made some "Healthier" Caramel Popcorn for snack time.

This is where it got rough.  My rule in the daycare is...If you don't eat your lunch...you don't get second snack...and you will eat the same food the next day so the food does not go to waste.  Because as WE all know, they are still people starving in this world.  So because one of the daycare kids did not eat their lunch yesterday, they had to eat it today while the others had pancakes for lunch.  Well I can say this to you...SHIT hit the fan and my day went into the toilet.  The caramel popcorn that was leftover, was finished by me.  Thank goodness it was of the healthier version.  Yes there were still calories there, but at least it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  With saying that, I should have been stronger, but when this happens day after day after day for the last little while, even the strong get weak.

After the kids all went home, I was okay.  I ate a healthy dinner consisting of salmon and broccoli...

My children had their swimming lessons tonight and I was/am very proud of both of them.  Now we are all together watching a movie and life is great.

We came home from swimming and I just needed to chill out...

We made a stop at the fresh fruit market and I picked up some raspberries.  Yes...of course I ate the container full.  There is nothing but love for the raspberries.

Tomorrow is another day and I hope that the weather is much nicer so that we can get out for a walk.  It has been kind of rainy and crappy the past few days so hopefully tomorrow, even if it snows, we can still get out.  That will be nice.

Until then...Stay Strong! (and so will I)

Good night


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