Monday, March 11, 2013

A Weekend Recap and an Extra Rest Day

Saturday Recap - Workout Day 33 of Build Your Best Body

I started my day off with the Burlesque Quick Fit Workout.  I used it as a warm for my Oxygen Build Your Best Body workout.  I upped my weights yet again and had a great workout.

My day went on as my family and I took a trip to IKEA in Burlington, and then to MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) also located in Burlington, Ontario.

I have a LOVE/HATE  relationship with IKEA.  I love it because they have such fun stuff there.  I hate it because I always spend way to much money there.  I go in looking for one thing and I end up coming out with MORE than that.  I went looking for a picture frame and came home with some lights, a chair and some other stuff.  The chair however is very much needed.

When I first did the Addicted To Sweat Jaw Breaker Chair Workout, the chair I used was not the greatest and I did want to drag one of our dining room chairs into my workout area and sweat all over it...yuk.  So I picked up this chair at IKEA for only $35.00...

...and I can sweat all over it because it's mine and ONLY mine.  Of course I will wipe it down because that would be gross if I didn't.  I just put it together so I still have to try it out some time this week.

Here are my children practicing their rock climbing skills at MEC in Burlington...

They are ROCK stars!!!!

I ROCKED out 180 squats with the Squat legs are feeling quite strong.

Sunday Recap - Rest Day = Family Day at my sister's place

Today was my Rest Day for my workouts and for my Squat Challenge.  It felt nice just to chill out.  I went to get groceries in the morning and then it was off to my sister's place out in the country.

I didn't know what the plan was, except that me and the kids were picking up my other sister and her kids and they were going to play.  Once we got there, we all found out that we would be heading out to the little cabin that my brother-in-law built in their woods to have some lunch and for the kids to run wild in the woods.  It was FANTASTIC!!!!  It was so relaxing and the kids loved it.  (My husband stayed home to call his Mum in England because yesterday was Mother's Day in England.  Happy Mother's Day Sally!!! (sorry it's a day late))

I packed my own little lunch so that I could stay on track with my meal plan.  I did hear that my Mum and Dad were bringing hot dogs for the kids, so I decided to make my turkey sandwich, my fruit and my hard boiled egg whites.  Success!

Monday Recap - Extra Rest Day

Today I took an extra rest day.  I don't know if it was because of the time change or because my body felt like lead this morning.  OR BOTH!!!!...maybe???  It wasn't a rest day from my Squat Challenge though.  190 for today.  As I sit here and write this now, I still have to do 60 more squats.  I'm sure before I finish up this post I will have less than that to get done.

It is now March Break for my children, and today was Day one.  I started this day in peace and quiet enjoying my breakfast...
I used Swiss Cheese rather than Cheddar cheese.
I love this picture.  The watermark almost looks like the words are printed right on my plate.

Let's just say I made it through and now they are asleep...yay!!!!  BUT...they are both asleep in my bed along side my husband.  I think rather than disturbing them and take the chance of waking them up to move them, I will crash in my son's bed tonight.

Today in the daycare, this is what what's being served up at first snack break...

Healthy Kids = Happy Parents

I also broke out these...
NEW crayons!
I love new crayons.  I love the colours.  And I love that they are so pointy and NOT broken...yet.

I will post some more food pictures again tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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