Friday, March 8, 2013

Workout Day 32 of “Build Your Best Body”

Today didn’t start off too quickly.  Last night I left you with me going to finish my puzzle…

This is what I had left to finish last night.

And this is the finished puzzle at 12:53am...
...well at least I finished it, and the result of that…I slept in this morning.
It wasn’t just because I was up late that I stayed in bed.  My little girl was snuggled up next to me.  Every time I moved she would wrap her arm around me and pull me closer, I could not let go of that loveliness.  Excuse…maybe.  But these moments are too precious to walk away from.

Another precious moment happened this afternoon (I will get to that shortly).  Since I didn’t get my “Build Your Best Body” workout done this morning, I did it this afternoon while the daycare children had their naps.  Earlier in the day, we made some chocolate chip cookies.  They were not just any chocolate chip cookie though.  They were made with shredded asparagus.  I had two big bunches of it in the fridge and I needed to use it up.  Since some of the daycare children have trouble eating their vegetables, I thought I would camouflage them with some dark chocolate and some other healthy ingredients.  I had posted a picture of the shredded asparagus on Instagram and posted the question of “What is it?”...

Some took a guess, but no one got it right.  I then posted the pictures of what I made with the asparagus.  Most of the kids liked them.  I will have to tweak the recipe before I post it.  As the cookies were baking, I had about 2 cups of shredded asparagus left, so I whipped up a Double Chocolate Asparagus Loaf.

Okay let’s get to my workout and the second precious moment of the day.  I upped my weight on the Plie Squats for the second set and onward.  I grabbed my two 10 lb dumbbells for a total of 20 lbs.  I continued to use the 12’s for most of the other exercises with the exception to those I mentioned the other day.  

My reps for my Biceps and Triceps were all at top reps, but not without a struggle.  As I finished up my arms, I had to grab my iPhone to shut off an alarm.  I just had my Weighted Crunches left to do.  When I grabbed my phone I noticed that there was an Instagram notification, so I checked it.  It was nice to see that a friend liked my photo, but what I came across brought tears to my eyes.  Remember me, the BIG sap.  Someone I follow on Instagram had posted this picture…

It is from Tosca Reno and her celebration of International Women’s Day, which is today.  I spotted my little girl in the collage of woman that ROCK.  It brought a smile to my face and then tears to my eyes.  As I lifted the 15 lb dumbbell above my head, I was beaming with pride.  Not only was I proud of my daughter, but I was proud of myself too for setting a good example for my daughter.  I was careful not to drop the dumbbell on my head, as I was still teary eyed and smiling, but I stayed strong as I finished off my sets.  After I was done my workout, I posted the picture on Instagram and Facebook to show off my little “Sister in Iron” AKA “Drill Sergeant Lil’ M”…AKA my lovely little daughter.  Her picture is also in the gallery of Woman Rock on Tosca’s blog.  I could have submitted a picture of myself, and I probably should have, but that day she put me through her workout, I was so proud of her for working out along side me and then coming up with her own moves…like the “High Heel Girl” move, and she was so darn cute doing it, that I just had to submit her picture when I heard what Tosca was doing for this special day.  Even though my daughter is only 5 years old…she does ROCK!

Even though my picture wasn’t in the gallery or on the picture above, I ROCK too.  After all the daycare children had gone home, I got my butt outside for a 5K run.  I took my SKORA Running shoes outside for the first time.  

I have talked about these shoes before and how great they were for working out in, but I had yet to take them out for a run.  They were great!  It was a bit weird at the start of my run because they were different shoes.  Shoes that offer minimalist running, Run Real as SKORA states.  Letting our feet do the work, not the shoe.  After about the first 10 minutes my feet were golden, I was loving the run, and loving my SKORA Form shoes.  The sluggish feeling that I had during the start of my run was also due to the fact that I hadn’t been out for a run since the Revolution Run on January 1st of this year.  The weather is starting to break and now my puzzle is done (and I am NOT starting another one anytime soon) I will be out for more and more runs.  Today I only did 5K, and probably will do that again a few more times before I work my way up to 10K. 
Run + Outside = Dirty shoes

I am going to skip today’s food the way I normally do it, but I will show you what was on the menu…

Tomorrow I will complete Workout Day 33 of Build Your Best Body and maybe another run.  I’ll let you know.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S.  Another precious moment as me and my Lil' M snuggle up and be silly together...

After changing into her pj's...she was out in a matter of minutes...

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