Saturday, April 13, 2013

TapouT XT Day 13 of 90

Day 13 = Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs XT

Today was cardio day…BIG time!  After I finished TapouT XT Cardio, I hit my spin bike for more.

Cardio XT – My calves are killing me now, thank you.

This workout…no, no, no…the Warm Up of this workout is KILLER on the calves.  I had my shoes on and ready to start and once I pushed play and the workout began, I noticed that Mike and his crew were NOT wearing any shoes.  They were wearing weighted gloves, which I do not have.  Even without the weighted gloves, I still got a great workout.  I think I have some somewhere in the house, so I will find them and use them next time. 

Getting back to the Warm Up…it is about 8 minutes long, and for the 8 minutes, you are up on the balls of your feet moving back and forth like a fighter for most of it. This is where my calves started to scream and the workout hadn’t even started yet.  But I wasn’t going to quit…no way!

It’s a great calorie burning workout with Punches, Dips, Ropes (with no ropes), Shuffles, Sprawls and oh yeah…Fast Feet, plus much more.

One of the moves I really liked in this workout was the Ropes to a Sprawl.  You pretend you are working a rope workout for a count and then take it down to the floor into a sprawl, then pop back up and work the ropes again.  I just wish I had the weighted gloves to really feel the effects of this move.  Next time for sure.

I will go through this workout as I have done for the others this week when I do it next.

My daughter came down to workout with me again this morning.  She lasted about 2 minutes and then did her own thing.  But this is what she had to say…

As I was earning it with sweat, she formed her hands into the X and then to the T.  I took the pictures after I was done working out.  I was too sweaty to hold my phone.

Today’s food…
Breakfast:  Carrot Banana Muffin served with Blackberries

Snack: Jazz Apple
My daughter strikes again.  She takes an apple and doesn’t eat the whole thing.  So I finished it off.  I hate seeing these delicious apples go to waste.

Lunch: Chicken, Guacamole and Baked Garlic Pita Chips

Snack: Coconut Chocolate Chip Spice Cookies
I had some of the dates that I used for the muffins I made the other day leftover, so I decided to whip up some cookies.  No recipe to follow, I just started throwing things in the mixing bowl.  They tasted pretty good.  I will post the recipe with pictures tomorrow.

Dinner: Roasted Chicken, Pepper and Onion Cauliflower Crust Pizza
I have wanted to try making a cauliflower crust pizza for a long, long time.  Today was the day.  Thanks to a friend, @judygirl on Instagram, for posting a picture the other day and reminding me of this pizza crust. 

It’s an easy recipe to follow and oh so good. 

Preheat oven to 425F

1 cup grated cauliflower
½ cup light mozzarella cheese, grated
1 tsp oregano
¼ tsp onion powder
1 egg

ONE: Mix all ingredients together and spread onto a baking sheet and place in the oven and bake for 10-12 minutes or until it starts to turn slightly golden.

TWO: Once the crust is cooked, then you can add your favourite toppings to it and bake until cheese is melted, if you are using cheese.  Enjoy!

You could use other spices and seasonings in the crust mixture too.  Use your imagination.
It was fantastic!!!!

Snack: Apple Pie
I bought 1 Granny Smith apple to try this dessert recipe.  I have seen these posted on Facebook and other social media sites, but never copied the recipe, so I made my own up.  A simple one…

Serves 1

1 Granny Smith apple
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp honey

ONE: Cut the top off the apple and scoop out the insides leaving some along the walls of the apple. 

TWO: Chop the scooped out bits and discard the seeds from the middle.

THREE: Mix the cinnamon and the honey with the chopped apple.

FOUR: Spoon the mixture back into the hollowed out apple and bake in the oven.   Bake at 375F for about 20 minutes or so.
Today I was on Facebook and noticed that the registration for the Toronto Color Me Rad 5K run opens up on Wednesday April 17th
Who’s with me?

Well it’s been a long day and I am going to rest now.  We were going to go to the Drive-in again tonight but my son wasn’t feeling well so we decided to stay home.  I’m glad because it was snowing again today…blah…and I didn’t want to take my little boy out into weather like that.  As I sit here now, he is feeling much, much better.  I’m so glad.

Tomorrow is my Rest Day for TapouT XT but 220 squats in my Squat Challenge.  No rest for the wicked!

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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