Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TapouT XT Day 31 of 90

Day 31 = Muay Thai

It’s a short post today because the weather is SO beautiful finally.

WOW!!! I can’t believe I am already 1/3 of the way through the TapouT XT program.  Today I am feeling renewed, refreshed and feeling great!  I don’t know if it is because the sun is shining and it was 16C at 9:00am this morning or because of the Glowing Green Smoothie I had this morning for breakfast.  I don’t care what it is caused from; I just want it to continue on so I can carry on with my journey. 

It’s a new month and with that comes a new Challenge.  This month’s Challenge…Just Plank It!  

In addition to my TapouT XT workouts I will be adding my Plank.  I will be doing this whenever I have the time during the day to do it.  And so will YOU!!!

We are going to start out with a 30 second Plank and work our way up to an 8 minute Plank by the end of the month.  “What?!?!?!...8 minutes, she’s crazy!”  That may be true but together we CAN do this!  I know that some of you are past the 30 second start mark, so start at a time where you can build on for the month of May.  We are going to get to the 8 minute mark by increasing 15 seconds each and every day.  If you need to take a Rest Day, then do so.  I will be posting my Plank times on Instagram, my Facebook page and/or here on my blog.  It will be able to be found somewhere.  Please feel free to post them as well.  You can post them in the comment areas.

I just wanted to let you know how the Glowing Green Smoothie tasted.  It was surprisingly nice.  I am not a big fan of drinking meals and I had never been a fan of drinking vegetable juices.  But this one was pretty good.  I was excited about trying this mixture.  I am still making my way through the Beauty Detox Foods book by Kimberly Snyder.  I am just at the point where she is talking about sugars and sweeteners.  I’m finding out what sweeteners are good and which ones are not so good and which ones are down right evil.  Some of them I already knew about, but others have surprised me and I will be depleting them from my cupboards and replacing them with only the good stuff.  My favourite is on the good list…RAW Honey…I love it!  I use it to top pancakes, to bake with and just to eat if I am craving something sweet.

I am just going to share a little bit of my food today through pictures…

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Glowing Green Smoothie
Green vegetables and fruit blended together for energy and goodness.

Snack: Avocado Brownies

Lunch: Banana Pancakes topped with Honey/Guacamole with Walnut Meat and Baked Pita Chips
I ate the pancakes first and then decided to have something else.

The Walnut Meat came from the segment on the Dr. Oz Show the other day with Kimberly Snyder.  It sounded interesting so I thought I would give it a try.  It was very good.  I used it like it was ground beef and ate with the chips and guacamole, kind of like eating nachos only no cheese.  Yummy!

It was so good; I ate it again at dinner time.

I am going to cut this off now and spend time with my family.  Tomorrow’s TapouT XT workout is to be Yoga XT but I am changing it up to make up the missed TapouT workout from yesterday.  I will be doing Ripped Conditioning + Ultimate Abs XT in the morning.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S. Don’t forget to Just Plank It!  Get. It. Done.  It’s only 30 seconds for today.

I know that I can hold a Plank longer, but I am doing this along with YOU.
I'm here for support.

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