Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Run with a Purpose

Tonight's run was with yet another purpose.  Or destination in mind.

My daughter had dance class tonight and since the dance class time changed to an earlier time, my husband is the one to take her most times.  After my last daycare child left from my home, I got ready and I was out the door running.  I set my Nike+ app for a timed run of 40 minutes.  I had 45 minutes until my daughter's dance class was finished.  My plan was to run there to meet her when she was done.  I wasn't sure how far it was so I was taking my chances.   I made it there with time to spare.

It was a beautiful night to go for a run.  We are having fantastic weather right now and it's to continue through this Thanksgiving weekend.  So that means...great weather for my long run Saturday.  I am looking forward to it. 

However, my long run Saturday may just turn into a long run Sunday instead.  As some of you may know I am very big into Halloween and have lots and lots and LOTS of Halloween decorations.  I was thinking of having a sale.  A Halloween decoration garage sale this Saturday.  My brother borrowed my totes of decorations last year and is returning them from safe keeping to me tomorrow.  So if all goes well, there will be a very SPOOKY sale of Halloween d├ęcor this Saturday.  So if that takes place on Saturday, I will run on Sunday.

As of today I have...
This picture taken from Runcrs off of Instagram.
The final countdown begins.
Now that I am in the home stretch, I need some advice from runners that have done all this before.  My big question is..."What should my runs be like next week?"  If you have some run schedule to share, please share.
As busy as I am with my running, my work and my family, and in addition to the workout pants that I am working on, I have also developed this...
It doesn't have a name yet, but it is very cool...

One item, various ways to wear it.
I need your help in naming this product.
Don't worry about the fabric print too much, as they will be made of other cool prints too.  So don't base the name on the print shown in the picture.  Just look at the product itself and put your thinking caps on and you could WIN!
If you come up with a name for this Maus Wear product, please submit it to me via email at  Be creative.  This contest will run until Friday October 18, 2013.  If I cannot pick a name, then it will go to voting and the name with the most votes will WIN.
"What am I going to win?" ask. 
Well for starters, you will win one of these things that does not have a name yet.  So get your brain working and think of something GREAT!
Tomorrow is a P.D. Day so I am going to cut this short now to get some extra rest before the craziness starts tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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