Saturday, October 12, 2013

Emotional Sap

Yesterday morning my son and I were talking about my upcoming race, the Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half for me as you know.  He asked, "how big is it?"  My reply, "It's bigger than any race that I have run in before."  That got me thinking, I must show him just how BIG it will be.

While the kids were have snack, I went to the STWM website and started watching the video highlights from last year's race.

I told him to come over and watch.  While he watched in wonder and awe, I got all teary eyed just thinking about the whole thing.  I'm such an emotional SAP.  Can you imagine what I will be like on race day????  LOL <<<oh yeah, I laugh now, but I will probably be blubbering like a complete idiot.  I'll have to get someone to smack me to regain my composure in order to be able to run the full 21KM.  All of my training runs I have gone out by myself, so to be surrounded by thousands of people running and/or cheering will be a totally different experience for me.  Any of you remember how when I ran my first 5K last December first in the 1st Annual Santa Pursuit?  I got all teary when I looked around and saw all us runners dressed up as Santa.  And when a lady in a car gave me a high five, tears to my eyes.  I'm such a sap.  So this will be multiplied by a gazillion.  So pictures...just kidding.  This MUST be documented.  I hope my husband will be able to get close enough to get some good pictures as I start and finish so that I can share them with you.

In 8 days, this will be me...


But they will be tears of pure joy, I guarantee.
My sister ran a marathon a number of years ago and I remember watching her cross the finish line...yes, I had tears of joy flowing from my eyes.  She gave me some tips a few weeks back and now I am thinking more and more about them as the race approaches.  One of the tips was: Don't wear anything new.  Make sure you have worn it before and that it will be comfortable.  So with that tip in mind, I will be packing my most comfortable pair of running socks and I am still trying to figure out which bottoms and top to wear.  I might try and make myself a running top this weekend and test it out before the big day.  Yes I will be sporting Maus Wear workout gear, but the question is WHAT?!?!
In my last post I mentioned about my long run Saturday possibly happening on Sunday...that it will.  Today I had my Halloween Decoration Garage Sale.  I was up early and ready to sell some of my most spooky possessions.  My garage sale ran from 8am-NOON today.  I sold some stuff, but since I have SO much, I still have quite a bit left.
Here are a few pictures from today...
Tomorrow after my run I will decorate the outside of our home with the decorations that I have kept for that purpose.  I am still a lover of Halloween, so I would be crazy to sell ALL of my stuff.  Plus my children didn't want me to sell hardly anything, except for this one...
They wanted this thing GONE!  It didn't sell though.  Maybe it was too creepy for everyone?!?!?! LOL
Here is my crazy little daughter acting well...
I LOVE her!
Even though I didn't sell everything today, I was able to organize the remaining decorations so that they will be easier to find.  Plus, I have posted some of the things on Kijiji just in case some of you in the area still are in need of some Halloween decorations to make your home spooky this Halloween.
I have a tote full of cheese cloth...

Great for making a room look spooky.
At least too with the sale of some stuff and sort things out, I was able to empty 3 totes.  And those totes were originally bought to put Christmas decorations in.  I finally got them back, and my Christmas stuff can get out of the garbage bags they are in and placed into these green and red totes...

 So getting back to running...

Tomorrow I will get out for probably my last long run before next Sunday.  I'm not too sure how far I will run, but with the weather the way it has been this past week, I may just go for a really long run.

As of today...
Looking forward to it!

I must go now as I about going to make myself a running jacket.

Have a great night!

And Stay Strong!

Good night



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