Thursday, October 17, 2013

5, 4, 3...

Tonight I went out for my last run before this Sunday's race.  I ran 10K from my daughter's dance school to our home.  It was rainy, very rainy and cool.  My feet got really wet during the first 2KM and it made me feel very sluggish up to the first 6KM or so.  I always feel sluggish during evening runs, because of all the water and food that I have taken in during the daytime.  My times are always slower too, which is a bit frustrating, but I know the reasons WHY.

This once Wimpy-Weather-Runner was still wanting to end this run as the wind picked up on some of the roads in which I ran tonight, but I pushed on through this crappy weather.  I passed by another runner tonight on the wet country road, I waved as you do, and felt my wet feet lighten up a bit, and got an extra burst of energy to keep me trekking on.  I don't really mind running in the rain, well the summer rain.  Now that it is fall, and this week the temperatures have dropped from last week, tonight was a test.  I passed.  I could have easily text my husband to pick me up at the half way point but what good would that do me???  

I am looking forward to Sunday, but also feeling a little nervous.  Why??? I'm not sure.  It may be that I am worried that I will sleep through my alarm on Sunday morning.  OR That I will not sleep the night before. If that's the case, then I won't have to worry about sleeping through my alarm.  LOL I would only have to worry about passing out at the start line.  It will ALL be good I'm sure.  I am just going to keep thinking that it's just my long run day, just like during my training.  The ONLY difference will be is, that more than 20,000 other people decided that it is their long run day too.  It's going to be AWESOME!!!!

I will try and write again tomorrow night.  I am going to be working on some of the Maus Wear workout gear tonight and tomorrow night.  You still have time to get in on the contest to name the NEW Maus Wear product...

One item...many different ways to wear it.
Be creative and think of name for this product.  Remember...
Maus Wear puts the FUN in functional.
Submit your product name idea to me at
Contest closes tomorrow night and the new name will be revealed next week along with the winner.
I wish you all good luck!
I will talk to you again soon.
Until then...Stay Strong!
Good night

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