Friday, January 12, 2018

Getting Back On the Right Path

I have been busy this week getting back on the right path of my journey.  I have been eating well and getting up early once again to get my workout done and start the day off right.  I haven't been doing anything crazy for my workouts.  I have been riding my spin bikes for 20 minutes each morning, followed up by some weights.  Total time for my workout has been about 30 minutes.  I have been feeling SO much better.  And I can feel that my motivation is BACK!  Finally!  After all this time of trying here and there through the past year and a half since we have moved, I feel like I did when I first started my journey to a Healthier Version of Me.  I am motivated to lose the weight that I have gained since I completed the half marathon I ran in 2013.  And who knows maybe there will be another half marathon in my future...time will tell...and then I will tell you.

In my last post I told you that I am becoming an Ambassador of Life and with that comes "life" things to share with you.  This post will do just that. 

It's always a good thing to have hobbies.  Life is too short to just sit around the house and watch T.V. or stare into a computer screen.  Yet again another reason WHY I will not be posting everyday.  I tried to sit down the other day to write and something came up. 

Get up and enjoy life.  Make everyday count.  Or get the clutter from your home.  Do something that makes a difference in your life.  Because once you feel good, you can make others feel good too.  It's not about being selfish.  It's about taking care of yourself, so that you will be around to help take care of others.  Once you feel joy inside, it will radiate onto others and make them feel good as well.  This doesn't mean that I walk around feeling like Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music all the time(maybe just sometimes), but I have felt that way.  And when my kids shoot me those embarrassing looks when I belt out..."the hills are alive with the sound of music", it's kind of like a kick in the balls(or so I'm guessing).  <<<See this rambling right here, THAT shows me that I am back for sure.

I am going to go back in time just a bit to fill you in on what kept me busy from the fall of 2016 to the Summer of 2017.  If you have been following me for a while or know me personally, you will know that I love to garden.  Moving to the country was a big thing for me and to spread my wings with my gardens.

Here is a picture out our front window the week before we moved into our home...
SNOW...however it did not stay.  

The first few weeks of November 2016 the weather was beautiful.  It was like a late late summer.  It gave me a chance to get some of the plants that I brought with us into the ground before it froze.

I created a garden against the front of the house.  I was so happy to get them planted.  Everything was kind of all over the place, but at least they were in the ground and they would have a chance to come back in the Spring time.

So that was November and this below was December 2016...
I tried to build a skating rink for us to enjoy.  But Mother Nature had other plans.  It was way too mild.  Just when I thought, "Oh yeah, this is going to work", it would rain.  Then...

It got colder in January of 2017 and more snow came so we made a snow hill to slide down 

We had fun on it for a few days before more mild weather and more rain came.

I bought this for myself in February of 2017 
So I did start writing again. 
This definitely helped me with my journey, it made me realized that I had to keep doing the things that I love doing.  I kept track of the weather and the seeds that I started in the house.
The snow started to melt and I was outside again.  
The cat that lived at the property before we moved in, always by my side.

Now we will move into March 2017 with the arrival of the newest members of our family...
Our baby chicks.  I brought them home and placed them in their new home in a tote in our laundry room for the first 6 weeks.  It was warm and kept them safe from these creatures...
...sitting outside our laundry door.

April 2017
The weather broke and I was beginning my work outside...
I grabbed some blue spray paint and marked out the rest of the gardens I had planned to build.

Then the digging began.  
My new workouts...the digging, shoveling, the raking and more digging.
But it was so worth it.  Not that it changed my physical appearance.  It changed they look of our property and it changed the way I felt. 
I was happy.

                                  The dirt arrived                                    Time to spread it around

My little mini-me came out to help me move some of the dirt.
It all started to take shape.

I covered the fresh triple mix with garden fabric to keep the weeds down until it was time to get the perennials in the ground.

April was a very busy month.  
The beginnings of the chicken run.  In April we moved the chickens into a coop into our garage until we were able to get the chicken run built.  More digging was involved for sure.  I dug as far as I could and hit bedrock for every single one of the holes.  It was the best I could do.

I took a break from digging and went and rescued some after Easter spring bulbs that were being cleared out...

 This coming Spring will be very exciting.

May 2017 
         We up cycled this old steel door.        It was time to build the chicken run.  

The new home for our 3 chickens.

They were happy with their new home.

June 2017
Grass seed went down and grew into a beautiful green carpet between the gardens.

Here is a collage of the progress of the front lawn and gardens...
This spring is going to be so exciting watching everything that I planted last year come back to life.  

I have caught you up on most of the things that went on in my life.  There are some other "life" things that I will write about in future posts.  

Until then...

Stay Strong!



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