Monday, February 27, 2012

Body Revolution Day 15 of 90

Day 15 = Workout 3

Today was the first day of Week 3, and the first day of Workout 3.  It was great to be able to move on with some new/old moves.  Some moves were new and never done in other Jillian Michaels workouts(well at least the ones that I have).  Others were old and done before.  Good old jumping jacks start off Workout 3.  I know a lot of people don't like jumping jacks, but I don't mind them at all.  The equipment you will need for this workout: your mat, your resistance band and your weights.  Make sure your resistance band has more tension on it.  The one move that I really like in this workout is, Tree Pose with Lateral Raise.  It's great, it really challenges you to work on your balance.  You are building your strength and balance at the same time.  I used my 5lb, and 8lb weights during this one.  I will build the weights I use as I move through these next two weeks.  My calorie burn for Workout 3 today was 292.  I was quite surprised that it was this high.  I didn't feel like the workout was that difficult.  Again, I'm not saying that it was 'easy'.  I added weights to some of the moves to make them harder.  So by my calorie burn, I guess I worked harder than I thought I did.  I will talk more about Workout 3 again on Thursday.

Today's Food

Breakfast: Pemeal Bacon and Poached Egg with Tomatoes
Lunch: Chicken Salad with Red Grapes & Toasted Pecans

This brings me to snack time.  Yesterday I told you that chocolate was coming back into my life.  Well here is comes.  Chocolate Cinnamon Frozen Banana Pops = DELICIOUS.  I took pictures while I was making them.
A banana starts it off...

Cut it into 3 pieces...

Insert wooden stick...then place in the freezer (about 2 hours)

Above is the chocolate that I used for this recipe.  Cacao Barry 75% Dark Chocolate Couverture, Tanzanie. 

Melt the chocolate...

Toast and chop the hazelnuts...

Dip frozen bananas in chocolate, roll in hazelnuts...ENJOY!


Pack into freezer bags to enjoy another day.
 These are really good.  To me, they are much better than a frozen ice cream treat.  My daughter LOVED them.  She said, "Mummy, these are really good!"
One banana makes 3 banana pops.  To make 6: I used 2 bananas, 5 oz of chocolate, 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 cup chopped toasted hazelnuts. Plus the 6 wooden sticks.
Dinner: Mediteranean Lamb Burgers with Creamy Cucumber & Yogurt Salad.  I loved them.  It was the first time I had ever had lamb burgers and I enjoyed them a lot.  Even my kids liked them.

Mediterranean Lamb Burgers with Creamy Cucumber & Yogurt Salad
I think next time I make this salad, I will cut down on the Greek yogurt.  The recipe calls for 1 cup, I think I will probably only use 1/2 cup. 

I really enjoyed the food I consumed today.  All of them, except for breakfast were from the Fat Burning Meal Plan recipe book.  My breakfast was kind of like the breakfast in the Kickstart menu but without the Avocado and only 1 poached egg.

I have seen many comments in regards to the meal plan.  You don't have to follow it to a T.  In order to get the best results, just make sure your calories are within the counts that are stated on the first page of the Fat Burning Meal Plan book.  Pick and choose the meals you want to make and plan for them.  Yes, it does take some time and effort, but REMEMBER you are worth it.  And so is your family.  You don't have to buy food for you, and different food for them.(there are some exceptions)  Get them healthy too.  Exception example: I buy chicken rather than fish for my husband when a recipe is for a salmon dish, I love it...he hates it.  Once you start taking the time out of your day and plan and prepare foods, it gets easier.  Just like the get stronger as you go along.  It's the same in the kitchen.  You get stronger and smarter about your planning, shopping, chopping, a meal making.  Take some time on the weekend to make your meals and freeze them if that works for you.  Tonight I made up a batch of Hummus that I can enjoy for my snacks over the next few days.  Last week, I had made the Baked Garlic Pita Chips and I had bagged them so I don't have to worry about making them tomorrow.  Planning is KEY.

Well I must get some down time now.  This blog post tonight has taken much too long due to my computer running very slow for some reason.

I shall get some rest tonight and tackle Workout 4 in the morning.

Until then....good night.

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  1. Those bananas look delicious!

    You are super inspiring!! I keep checking my mailbox obsessively to see if my DVD has arrived!!! Can't wait to get started!