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Body Revolution Day 4 - February 16, 2012

Body Revolution Day 4 (Kickstart)

Welcome to my Day 4 of the Kickstart Body Revolution program. 
Today's workout was Workout 1 and Cardio 1.  I found the exercises in Workout 1 were not that difficult...ONLY because I have completed the 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30 before.  My strength and balance has improved greatly over the past 7-8 months so I found that I could do these moves with ease.  I'm not saying that this workout is easy, I still got a great workout in.  I know for the week to come, that I can add more weight and/or more jump training with this workout.  I don't want to run myself down by doing too much and eating fewer calories than I was last week.  So I am not going too crazy with add ons and "fancy" stuff.  I do jazz things up a little bit when I am working out.  Like the Speed Bag, I kind of get a groove on.  LOL.  It kind of takes my mind off of the areas that are screaming(Once you start the program for yourself, you will know what and where I'm talking about).  I can definitely see where Workout 1 is heading.  We work legs and then arms, right now, in the weeks to come it will be both legs and arms together, just as it's been done in Ripped in 30 and 30 Day Shred.  If you have done either one of these other programs, you will be fine.  Even if you haven't, start with the modified moves and work your way up.  Your strength will improve as you go.  You can do it!
Cardio 1 - I mentioned the Suicide Runs yesterday, I forgot to mention the Fast Feet drill.  Yikes!  Don't be afraid, but I find this one challenging.  It's not so much in the way of being out of breathe, but your legs will be screaming after the minute drill.  Plus my a$$ was shaking all over the place.  My goal for the end of the 90 a$$ will not have a chance to shake like it is now, because it will be rock hard.  Oh yeah! 
After my workout this morning and before my shower, I decided to step on the scale.  Today's weight was 163.8 lbs.  I am down 1 pound from my starting weight. YAY!                                    
My starting measurements are as follows:
Bust: 38.5"  Waist: 32"   Hips: 42.5"   Arms: 11.5"   Thighs: 25"   Shoulders: 44.5"   Neck: 13.2"
I will update the measurements every 2 weeks.(That's if I remember, sometimes I not very good at remembering to take my measurements.  So a reminder from a follower is welcome.  Or a good swift kick in my shaking a$$<<<by weeks 11 and 12 you might hurt your foot though.
In regards of food for today,
for breakfast I had the Poached Eggs and Bacon with Avocado & Tomatoes...very good.
for lunch I had the Salmon Salad
Snack is to be eaten in the afternoon, however I did not get a chance to eat this then.  I was extremely hungry by dinner time tonight. 
for dinner I had left over Roast Beef with Gravy and Sweet Potatoes & Onions.  Served with a Baby Spinach & Tomato Salad topped with an Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar Dressing.  After eating this dinner I was quite satisfied.
Since my calorie count was still too low, I decided to eat my afternoon snack, after dinner while watching some TV. 
my snack was Hummus and Veggies.  YUM YUM.
My total food calorie count for today is 1178.  Water-15 cups= 120oz
Planning is KEY.
Tonight I started prepping for next week already.  The workouts I know I can handle them as they are the same as this week.  However, the food will be a problem if I don't start thinking about it NOW.  On Monday of next week, it will be Day 8, so I am starting on Day 8 of the 90-day meal plan, and not on Day 1.  (It's the same for the workouts...if you do the 7-day Kickstart, you will then continue with weeks 2-13)
With that being said, I made up a batch of Blueberry Banana Muffins which are on the Breakfast menu.  Tomorrow, or on the weekend, I will be whipping up a batch of Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins.  I will keep some of them out fresh, and the others I will throw in the freezer for later dates.  Over the next 3 months I will eat 8 out of the 12 Blueberry Banana Muffins that I made today.  So I will have 4 leftover.  Any takers???  They smell delicious.  I'm sure my children will help out with the remaining 4.
Make sure you plan your meals so that you don't just grab for the first thing that you see. 
Last night we had promised our children a trip to McD's.  They hadn't been there in a very long while.  At the beginning of the year, my husband also joined MFP(well that's when he started logging.  I had actually signed him up last year but he wasn't ready yet) and was ready to make the change.  So that meant no more quick trips to fast food places while we were out shopping and running around.  We started to plan our meals and started to eat at home more.  Well the kids kept asking when would they get to go to a restaurant, "We haven't been for so long", they said.  So last week they earned a trip to a restaurant.  And their choice was McD's.  We had their swimming lessons last night so I didn't get a chance to eat before and we were taking them to the "restaurant" right after...I thought I was doomed.  But fear not, my will power is strong and I resisted the temptation of the fries.  I just ordered a cup of water and thought of what I would eat when we got back home.  On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store and I picked up some Wild Cod and some spinach, along with a few other things that I would need in the next few days.  Once we got home, I made myself a very tasty dinner.  Only 309 calories as opposed to whatever the calories those fries would have been.(I'm proud of my husband too because he just ordered a salad)  So make sure you plan things out.
Also make sure you get plenty of sleep.  We need to rest our bodies so that we can push that much harder the next day.
So with that said...I am off to bed.  Good night.

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