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Body Revolution Day 3 - February 15, 2012

Body Revolution Day 3

I should have titled these blogs in the first week Body Revolution Kickstart Your Metabolism.  Ah, you'll get it if you follow along.
 So today was Day 3 of the Kickstart Your Metabolism program of the 90-Day Body Revolution.  Day 3's workout is Cardio in the morning and Cardio in the evening.  However, if you have been following along, you know that I have been doing both my AM and PM workouts in the morning.
 The 7-Day Kickstart workout is as follows:(for those of you that are wondering)
Monday AM Workout 1   PM Cardio 1
Tuesday AM Workout 2    PM Cardio 1
Wednesday AM Cardio 1    PM Cardio 1
Thursday AM Workout 1    PM Cardio 1
Friday AM Workout 2       PM Cardio 1
 Saturday AM Cardio 1     PM Cardio 1
Sunday Rest Day...Ahhhhhhh
You can choose to do this Kickstart or you can start with the 90-day program righ away.  If you start with the KS for week 1 you would then proceed onto week 2 of the 90-day program.
Yesterday when I started the Cardio 1...the first 10 minutes seemed to dragggggg.  I was clock watching for some reason.  Maybe I was worried that I wouldn't be done in time to wake my son up to get ready for school.  But I realized that it was just because of the unknown.  I didn't preview the workouts before doing them so I didn't know what to expect.  This morning...Cardio 1 flew by, twice.  It might be silly, but I did the cool down between the two of them.  I believe that it's good practice for future workouts.  And besides, the cool down is not that long.  The cool down immediately follows your set of Suicide Runs in Circuit 3, so be careful you take in enough air before you start the cool down.  The cool down starts with legs open wide, folding at the hip, head down.  I try and keep my head above my heart, so I don't drop my hands and head down like they do on the DVD.  If you drop your head below your heart, you may find a dizzy feeling creeping on.  That is NOT the way you want to end your workout.  Just a little TIP I thought I would share.
In regards to the Kickstart meal plan...I had to modify breakfast as I did not have any tomatoes in the house.  I used red peppers instead.  I was over by 1 calorie.  Lunch is a Chef Salad.  I think I have most of the things I need.  Dinner I am going to skip the Tilapia and make the Turkey burgers instead.  EDIT note:  I made Wild Cod with a Spinach and tomato salad.
How am I feeling?  You ask.  Fantastic!  Besides the headache and tiredness I had yesterday, I feel great.  Yesterday was also the first day of P.I.T.A. for me too.  What is P.I.T.A.? You ask.  P.I.T.A. stands for Pain In The Ass.  Others refer to this time as, TOM.  Now do you get it ladies?  With the lower calorie intake and P.I.T.A. happening all the same day, I totally believe that's why I was feeling tired and not so hot last night.  My body feels strong and that soreness that we love/hate is happening in some parts of my body.  I look forward to each day of this program. 
Until then...
Have a fantastic day!

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