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Body Revolution Day 6 - February 18, 2012

Body Revolution Day 6 (Kickstart)

Day 6 workout>>> Cardio 1 twice today.  As you may or may not know, I like to workout in the mornings, so I did them back to back.  I don't know if it is getting easier or harder.  My heart is still pounding during, and by the end of the workout.  I know the routine, and now I'm kicking it up a notch or two(that is probably why it feels harder).  I find myself kicking a little higher on the "Kick Outs with Arm Circles" and sinking lower into a squat with the "Punches"                                    
A little correction from my post the other day...I called it "Fast Feet", JM calls them "Hot Feet".  Plus, I called them "Suicide Runs", they are just called "Suicides".  They both kind of SUCK, whatever they are called.  Ahhh, but they are doing their job.
Weigh in time.  Today the scale shouted out a BIG...159.6...WHAT!  That's right! I was down 3.8 lbs from yesterday...WHAT!  However, I stepped on that thing so many times, and moved it around the bathroom floor in total disbelief.  The first time I stepped on it, it actually read 159, and THAT's when I started moving it around.  159.6 was the number that came up the most, so that is what I logged.  YAY!!!!  See, so those "Hot Feet" and "Suicides" are definitely working. 
Now, remember that ALL this is not possible without the food or lack of the food.  And what I mean by, 'lack of the food', is that I am not filling my face with food all day long.  I have stuck to the 7-Day Kickstart meal plan.  I have switched things up a bit, but my calories are around the same as the plans.  The food in the meal plan is satisfying, but I still feel hungry at certain times of the day.  And that is okay to feel hungry, I'm on a detox in a way.  A detox to help boost my metabolism.  It's working!!!!  Like I said in yesterday's blog, "it's turning this Chocoholic into a recovering Chocoholic".  However, there is a light a the end of the tunnel...Chocolate will come back into my life, but only the good stuff.  Chocolate where the cocoa is 70% or greater will be included in some of the recipes during the 90-day meal plan.  For instance the, Chocolate Cinnamon Frozen Banana Pops...YUMMY.  I was looking over the meals and preparing for what is to come and I noticed those little gems.  Since doing the Kickstart, I have noticed that my sense of smell for foods is satisfying enough.  Like last night, my son wanted pizza, so we picked up a pizza for him.  It smelled wonderful!  Once we got home, I made up my Wild Cod and Spinach & Tomato was delicious.  The smell of the pizza was enough for me.  Why would I want to set myself back, by giving into that one slice of pizza??? (And we all know that it doesn't stop at just one slice...RIGHT?)  If you put your mind it in, you WILL and CAN do it too!
I baked up a batch of the Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins.  I will be enjoying one of them on Tuesday (Day 9) morning for breakfast.  They look and smell wonderful.  I kept one in the fridge and the others landed a spot in the freezer for later on, just like the blueberry ones.
After baking and cleaning up.  I started to put the ingredients away and I noticed that my cupboards where crowded and messy.  So, I began to tidy them up.  I threw out the unhealthy things that were lingering in there, and I will replace them with healthy ingredients and supplies for the days and weeks to come.  It's a great thing to do to help you stay on track with your goals.
Did you notice, I changed my blog colours to the Body Revolution Colours???(that's right, I spell colour with a U, as, I am Canadian, eh. And plus it all starts with U, to make that change, only U can do it)
Now it's time to get my kids to clean up as well.  I have only been trying to get them to do it since before I worked out this morning.  Wish me luck!
Talk to you tomorrow!

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