Monday, February 20, 2012

Body Revolution Eve - February 13, 2012

Body Revolution Eve

It's the night before I begin my 90-Day journey through Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I have looked over the books that come with the program and I have decided to start with the 7-Day Kickstart your Metabolism program. I will modify the food slightly as I have already bought this weeks groceries. Plus, I am going to start on workout #2 as day #2 of this program. I am not cheating myself out of a day. I will just count this mornings workout, of Extreme Shed & Shred Levels 1&2 as my day 1 of 90. I want to stick to the rotation calendar as written in the book, so that I stay on track.  I have taken some pictures and will try to post them in the next few days. I will update weight and measurements too. All this will be the "Before" information. I will post progress pictures, weight and measurements as the weeks go on. 
I will try to blog about my journey each day. Please feel free to follow, comment and/or ask questions.
 Until tomorrow...
...have a great sleep

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