Sunday, March 18, 2012

Body Revolution Day 35 of 90

Day 35 = Rest Day

You gotta love rest days. I feel a bit lazy some times, but this is day for recovery and focusing on the week to come.

Today we decided to head to Toronto to the Great Outdoors Show.  We love to camp and thought we would see some cool things there today.  But we were a bit disappointed.  There was a lot of fishing and hunting booths there, not too much in the way of camping gear, unless you want to wear full camouflage gear throughout your entire camping trip.  Right down to the lingerie. LOL.  That's not me, thanks!  The kids had fun, they love going to Toronto.  My son wanted to go there for his 5th birthday 2 years ago.  5th!  Too funny.

Before we left, I ate breakfast as we were heading out the door...

Today's food...
Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with Quinoa Crunch and Raspberries.  I threw the Quinoa Crunch in the container of yogurt since it was the last of it, tossed the raspberries in and topped it off with a little honey.  I ate this way too fast as we wanted to get on the road.   Not as enjoyable as sitting down at the kitchen table and eating it slow.
At events like this, it's gets hard to eat well.  But you have to TRY! 
Lunch: Crepe de Licious Garden Ham crepe

I logged it into MFP as a Chicken Caesar crepe as the Garden Ham one was not in the database.  I don't think the calories in this one, are as high as the Chicken Caesar...but...I had a little taste of the one that my daughter had for lunch and I didn't log the calories because I figured I over counted for mine.

Chocolate and banana....hmmm...that sounds familiar...Chocolate and bananas...
oh right my yummy Frozen Banana Pops.

So for lunch, I WAS able to find something fairly healthy for my body, but not for the wallet. 
HOLY MOLEY...$3.20 for a 500ml bottle of water!!! YIKES!!!

We walked around for a bit and came across a booth that was selling these chip things called, Cheecha Puffs.  They had some samples to try, so we tried them.  The kids loved them.  I think my son ate about a bags worth in samples.  LOL  They seemed fairly healthy so we bought some of them.  2 cups = about 90 calories.  They had a flavour called Sweet Cinnamon...Hmmm...cinnamon...chocolate, bananas and cinnamon...I'm almost there...LOL

Snack: I had packed a bag of Trail Mix to eat as my snack while we were out, but I ate some of the Sweet Cinnamon Cheecha Puffs instead.

We left the show and made our way home.  The kids fell asleep shortly after we starting driving.  They both woke up about 15 minutes away from home.  That was always a good feeling when I was a kid...fall asleep 5 minutes after getting in the car, and waking up when you were almost home.

Dinner: Mediterranean Lamb Burgers with Cucumber Salad
It was such a beautiful evening, my husband lit up the Bar-B-Que and he grilled them tonight.  The cucumber salad, I mixed up the dressing and had it on the side inside of mixing the cucumbers in.  My kids thought the onions we too hot last time. 

So this is how I enjoyed my dinner...

And...this is how my kids enjoyed their dinner...

They are CRAZY!!!

At least they ate their cucumbers this time.

So that was how I spent my Rest Day.

Remember you have to TRY to find the healthy option when it comes to outings and events.  With the nice weather approaching with Spring only a couple days away, I'm sure you will be getting out of the house packed your lunch, OR search out the GOOD stuff.

I had a reader ask me about the Coconut Oil being high in saturated fat.  I am not an expert on this, so I found this website with more information on the benefits of Coconut Oil.

There are GOOD fats and BAD fats.  I believe coconut oil is a good one.  In the Fat Burning Meal Plan recipes, you use the oil, but not in huge amounts.  Nothing in HUGE amounts is good for you.  Except I'm just kidding. 
I checked my jar of coconut oil and my Olive Oil, and they are pretty much the same in the way of Fat.  Check out the above link for more information. 

Tomorrow I'm back to Workout 5.

Until then...

Stay Strong!

Good night.



  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. It is so hard some times when you aren't prepping your own food. But, this is life - - and we aren't going to stay home because of FOOD. So, we have to make the most informed choices we can, and if we mess up or choose poorly, don't let it affect the entire day.

    LOVE the pictures of your kids eating their meal. Looks like my house - what a crack up!! LOL!!

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend.

  2. I love your blog and your kids are precious! The cucumbers picture cracked me up because I can here my oldest now "hey mom, are we going to the spa". I am on day one of this body revolution and excited to see where it goes.. THanks for posting your journey.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. Your kids are too cute!!! I can easily see my kids doing the same thing with the cucumbers!