Saturday, May 26, 2012

Getting Back to My Garden Workout

May 26, 2012

Today's workout...
Today I continued with C25K for my cardio.  I woke up at 7am and was out the door shortly after.  This workout today was Week 3 Day 2.  If you read last weekend's posts when I got back to C25K, you will know that my weeks have not been consistent.  I started way back in December, Week 1 happened all in December.  Week 2 took place over January, February and May.  Week 3, all in one  After completing the 28 minute C25K, I did it again.  That's right!...2 days in 1.  My second go around this morning, I ran the whole way.  So I figure, I ran a total of about 8km's today.  I really enjoyed my time out running.  It was very relaxing and I felt strong.  I looked down at my legs and I saw STRONG legs, especially when running up the hills. 
If you are thinking of doing C25K...DO IT! It's a great program.  I downloaded the App for my iPhone, set my play list up and push the start button.  And today I pushed the UP button...with doing it twice while only on Week 3...crazy?...maybe...but I knew my body could handle it.  Push a little harder, get a little farther.
And this is why I enjoyed my workout this beautiful morning... 

Maybe this will be the Bridge to 10K???
This little bunny ran along side me for a bit.

Along with other workout today was Gardening ALL day...

These are my favourite flowers...Blue Flax

These little flowers are SO pretty.  They bloom each day, and then by the afternoon, the petals fall off, and the next day, new flowers bloom again...and repeat.  I have 2 huge Blue Flax plants in the front garden.  These are perennials so they will come up each year if they survive through the winter.  I LOVE them!

After breakfast, I went out to the store to pick of some lawn soil and grass seed to reseed our backyard.  So, that meant lifting 10 bags of dirt several times until I got them all down into the backyard, dumped, raked, seeded, raked and then watered.  Gardening job #1...complete.    

The forecast is calling for rain for the next few days, so hopefully it will get watered well, and give it some time to sprout before the daycare kids get their little feet on it. 

I so want to have a nice green lawn to walk on and enjoy.
After the lawn seeding I moved on to moving some plants around.  The Dogwoods that are in the first picture, used to be in the area of the second picture.  That was a workout in itself, digging those two bushes out, dragging them up a hill and replanting them at the side of our house.  Gardening job #2...complete. 

I have been wanting to move these for years now and I always put it off...not today though.  
Today was the day I was going to dig, and...

NOW...I have this area to plant some new flowers and maybe some vegetable plants. 

It may not seem like a lot of work, but it was.  Because when I garden, I don't stop.  I will move something somewhere else, and then start working in that pulling out weeds that may be there, or moving another plant from here to there...I love it!  Lots of walking up and down, lots of lifting and lots of digging.  Pulling weeds...Gardening job #3...sort of complete...there's ALWAYS weeds that need to be pulled. 

I will see what the weather is like in the morning.  That will decide whether or not I will be outside gardening or inside cleaning and organizing the house(AGAIN).  It's never ending really!(just like the weeds)

Today's food...
Breakfast:  Greek Yogurt with Honey and Holy Crap/Tropical Quinoa Health Bar and Blackberries

I had a half serving of each, so that I could enjoy ALL of them.

Lunch: Chocolate Protein Shake
I don't know when to stop when I garden, I just go, go, go, and that's not good.  I found myself getting tired and I knew it was because I hadn't eaten anything for awhile.  It was about 2:15pm when I went inside and made this shake up...QUICK!  I had to get back out to dig the other Dogwood out.

Dinner: Subway Club Salad and a Fruit Bowl
NO!  I am not on the Subway diet...LOL...It's just after working in the garden ALL day, I did not have the energy to make or even heat up homemade food.  We went out to Lowe's to pick up some potting soil...more dirt...LOL.  But with that dirt, I also picked up some vegetable seeds suitable for pots.  So I will have carrots, beans, lettuce, zucchini and onions all growing in pots very soon.  I will have salad ingredients in my own garden this summer.

Cherries, Red and Green Grapes and Blackberries(not shown)

After Dinner Snack: Sweet Cherries and Next Organics Apricots

I still prefer the Dark Chocolate Bananas from Next Organics, but I still can't find any!!!

Tomorrow is Rest Day...HA!!!  That's funny, because I don't see rest in my future for tomorrow.  It will be a rest day from a "formal" workout, but not from cleaning and cleaning and cleaning...Ugghhhh!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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