Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time to Plan

May 17, 2012

Today is a planning day.  Planning out meals and snacks for the long weekend. Planning and inputting my upcoming workout program in my calendar on my iPhone.

Today's workout...
Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix Workout 1 & 3 - Back to the Upper Body along with more for the Abs.
I was into it a bit more this morning.  Like you know when you first start a new workout, you don't really know what is coming up, so you feel a bit awkward and clumsy...well I do anyway(sometimes)

Some of the same girls that were in Body Revolution...Anita, Natalie, Mimi and Terri Ann all kick it up in this one too, along with two new faces. 

I figure Jillian will get me in the punching and kicking mode for my next program, RushFit.  As I mentioned yesterday, it was delivered to my door yesterday afternoon.  I have started reading over the booklets that come with it and will sit down tomorrow or over the weekend and enter my workouts into my calendar.  It comes with a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training Calendar.  I am probably Intermediate, but I think I might start with the Beginner Training Calendar, that way I have 2 more levels I can work up to.  If I find it to be too easy, I can take a page from Jillian, and push the ever ALMIGHTY UP button.  I can always switch to Intermediate after the first 4 weeks.
The workouts are about 45 minutes including warm up and cool down.  I can do that.  I will let you know all about it when I begin on the 28th of this month.

 Let's talk food!
Today's food...
Breakfast: Multi-Grain Pancakes with Maple Berry Syrup

This was my last pack of these in the freezer, so next time...fresh out of the pan...mmm...
I only had these this morning because when I was chatting with my friends last night about Body Revolution, I was showing them the meal plan and I was telling them how good I thought these pancakes were.  And THAT put the thought in my head to have them this morning.

Lunch: Chicken Vegetable Soup with Barley & Roasted Cauliflower with Almonds
This is the soup that I made the other day from the left over roasted chicken and vegetables.  I spotted some of the Barley & Cauliflower mix in the freezer and thought I would add it to the soup.  So glad I did, it was terrific!

Snack:  Tropical Quinoa Health Bar
This is from the recipe I posted yesterday.  I made my own up today but forgot to take pictures.  I have wrapped them all individually and stuck them in the fridge.  I managed to cut them into 20 bars instead of 15, so my calorie count is lower then the original recipe.

Dinner: Steak with Sauteed Mushrooms and Cauliflower Mash Topped with Onion Crunch and Cantaloupe Salsa
This was a really nice flavour combination.  The only problem...the steak was over cooked.  I like my steak medium rare.  It was my own fault though, I was trying to cook the mushrooms inside the house, while the steaks were on the Barbecue outside of the house. 

Here are a couple close up pictures of the Cantaloupe Salsa that I made. 
The recipe is from Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Cookbook
The only thing I substituted, were the green onions.  I didn't have any in house, so I use part of a red onion.

Since I am the only one in my household that will eat this salsa, I portioned it out into Ziploc Bags and threw it in the freezer.  I think I might try it with the Chili-Lime Shrimp Skewers or Chicken Skewers...mmm.

I just want to thank everyone who has sent me a message or left a comment in regards to my end means so much to me that you are all out there giving me support, while you are working through your own journeys.  Even though I am getting healthy for ME, it's always nice to know that others are taking notice and that they care.  Thank you!

Here is just one of the emails I have received from a reader:

Subject: Thank you for blogging about your journey!!!

Hey Trina,

I just wanted to let you know how inspiring your blog has been for me!!  I was thinking about trying Body Revolution so I was doing some research online and came across your blog.  I've been reading it every day for almost a month now and I just kept procrastinating about buying the program.  I have now ordered and am patiently waiting for it to arrive.  You've truly motivated me and for that I am so grateful!!  It's been so awesome to see how dedicated you've been through the entire 90 days and I hope that I can do even half as well as you have.  You look amazing!!!
Again, thank you so much!!  I will continue to follow your blog and good luck on your continued journey!!!

North Carolina

Thank you SO much for this email Kimberly.  I got this one last night when I was out with my friends, and I couldn't help but share it with them.  I'm glad that I could help motivate you on your own journey.  Please let me know how you like Body Revolution.  Stay Strong!  You will get to the 90th day too!  And you will look and feel fantastic!   Trina

I'm such an emotional sap sometimes.  Letters like the one above and others always get to me.  It's like the Milk and Cookies part, in the movie The Man on the Moon...I could just start bawling when I watch that...I'm such a sap.  It's a happy cry though.  I know I say, "We don't CRY, we TRY!", but that is when we are working out hard, not while watching movies...LOL.  Thank you all for making me have Happy Cries!

Well it is getting late and I need some rest.  I will be back again tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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  1. Hi Trina,

    my name is Patricia and I'm reading your blog from Portugal.
    Actually, I've been reading your words, soaking on them to be more precise, ever since I started my 90 days, 5 days ago!

    To say that you've been an inspiration is too small, compared to the fact that you've turned my idea of what dieting and exercising is all about.
    Before starting this adventure, I loved exercising, that was never a problem. But the food part... well, let's just say I would always find an excuse not to go trough the limitations of a diet plan!
    But reading you and looking at your pics made it so simpler (not easy) that I've not only changed the way I think of meals, but I've made all the changes necessary for my family to love it as well.
    It's about the ideas, the ingredients... not having to think about food all day long, what am I going to cook? What won't make me fatter or have ridiculous amounts of calories?
    Thank you so very much for being there for all of us!
    Keep posting, please. I'm here!
    Patricia Grade