Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 2 Day 2 of RushFit

Week 2 Day 2 = Cardio = Spinning

This almost didn't happen this morning.  I slept in...
...I remember hitting the snooze button once, and then for some reason my other alarm clock on my bedside table rang out, it's just a high pitched do do dodo do do dodo...but it did the trick.  I contemplated the idea of staying in bed until my Harry Potter theme alarm rings out at 7am on school days(that one is to wake my son up)...I thought I could sleep more and do my workout tonight, and then I remembered I had to be some place...
SO I got up and KILLED IT on the bike.  350 calories burned by the time the 7am alarm rang out.
  I didn't have the time, but I MADE THE TIME!

..and so can YOU. 

Don't tell me you are not WORTH MAKING the time for YOURSELF, because you ARE!  Every single day of the rest of your wonderful life..MAKE THE TIME! 

So I mentioned that I had some place to be tonight, it was the information night for my daughter entering Junior Kindergarten in September.  I can't believe that she will be starting already this year...she is ready though, and to tell you the truth...so am I.  She will LOVE IT!  She will probably put her classmates through a Yoga session or a "Jillian" style workout...LOL.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Banana Berry Muffin

AM Snack: Goldfish Grahams Honey
We went for a walk to the park this morning and  I took some snacks for the daycare kids, and added a few for myself too.

Lunch: Spinach & Basil Pesto Omelet/Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes
Since today is Tuesday, in the daycare we always have pancakes on Tuesday.  I usually make myself something different, but today I had to indulge in one of the pancakes.  I made Raspberry pancakes with a bit of chocolate...yum.  I still needed to eat something else, some protein, so I made myself an omelet.  Not just any omelet though.  Yesterday I made Spinach & Basil Pesto, so I added a tablespoon to 3 egg whites and cooked it up.  It was really good.  I will post the recipe later this week, with pictures of the pesto.

Snack: Quick & Easy Apple Pie with Coconut Whipped Cream
It looks like I had a sweet tooth today.  And it gets even sweeter...all for testing purposes

1 (403mL)can organic full fat coconut milk
1/8 tsp vanilla extract(optional)
1/8tsp cinnamon or freshly grated nutmeg(optional)

ONE: Refrigerate can of coconut milk for at least 2 hours or overnight.
TWO: Open the can and scoop out thickened coconut cream on top into a medium bowl.
THREE: Add cinnamon and vanilla if desired, and whip coconut cream with a wire whisk until it begins to thicken.
This would be a nice substitution for the syrup for the Multi-Grain Pancakes with Berry Syrup at breakfast time.  I may have to try it soon.

Dinner: Turkey Burger with Spinach Fettuccine Topped with Onion Crunch
The burger was left over from the other day and the Fettuccine was made up fresh tonight before I left for the meeting.  I told my kids that the Spinach Fettuccine were Monster Brains, they loved it!

After Dinner Snack: Super-Rich Chocolate Cake
This recipe is from the Flat Belly Diet Cookbook.  It is supposed to have Maple Frosting, but I made a CLEAN chocolate icing instead.  The icing was great, the cake was a bit on the dry side.  So that means I have to experiment with another CLEAN chocolate cake recipe.  I will definitely use the chocolate icing recipe that I made up tonight on whatever I come up with.


It's a good thing I made the time this morning to workout, because I have eaten SO much today.  I haven't eaten this much since before Body Revolution, I think.  I am having a very FAT feeling moment right now.  Calories will be decreasing the rest of the week, if I want to reach my goal by my birthday.

Tomorrow will have to be a flush out day.  Lots of water, vegetables and protein.  Less sweets and fruits.

I have something/somewhere very special to share with you tomorrow...a Paradise on Earth.  Some of you may want to add it to your REWARDS list.

Until then...Say Strong!

Good night


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