Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 2 Day 5 of RushFit

Week 2 Day 5 = The Fight Conditioning Workout

This one is great! I remembered NOT to wear the pants with the back zipper pocket. This is for the benefit of my backside during Round 4. In Round 4 you wriggle and squirm all over the ground. The moves are definitely ones to work on. And they definitely work the core. I still feel like I am not doing some of them right. 
In the other Rounds, there is more punching, kicking and sprawls...I can feel it in my arms and shoulders.
My legs are strong, but I will probably feel it in my legs more tomorrow.

I do this workout again next Wednesday, so I don't have to wait until next Friday to do it again.  I am going to stick with the Beginner's Training Schedule for another couple weeks.  The next time there is another Rest Day during the week, I will probably do some Cardio instead.  Sunday's will always remain my Rest Day officially. 
I am almost done the 2nd week of the 8 week RushFit program.  I think I will reacess the training schedule after the 4th week.  Once I complete the 4th week, that leads me upto my vacation...that week I will be doing something else for that week.  I have some Jillian workouts on my iPhone that I can do anywhere.  I may mix it up between 6 Week/6 Pack, Ripped in 30 and Yoga Meltdown.  All those workouts are around the 30 minute mark.  Then after my vacation, I will return to RushFit and begin Week 5.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats with Apples & Almonds

Lunch: Grilled Halibut & Cantaloupe Salsa Wrap

I had left overs from the other day, but this time I left the pesto in the fridge for today.

Snack: Raisins/ChocolaTree Chocolate Cake
So I had another piece of the is all gone now.  The kids and I finished it off today for snack time.

Dinner: Roasted Garlic & Butternut Squash Soup served with Barley with Roasted Cauliflower & Almonds
I decided to throw the Barley and Cauliflower into the soup. 

I wish I would have kept them separate...oh well, next time I will know.

Next week I will be following the Kickstart Meal Plan from Jillian's Body Revolution, just to help flush out all the chocolate cake I have eaten in the past few days.  I haven't fallen off my eating CLEAN way of life.  All the foods that I have eaten have been CLEAN.  I have just eaten more calories than I did when I was doing Body Revolution.  I need to cut back again to help me get to my goal.
I hope you all have been preparing your foods and freezing them for days like the one I had today.  My husband and the kids grab some "Friday Night" take out, but I opted to grab something out of the freezer instead.  I'm glad I had some frozen meals to heat up.

Hopefully I will get some more cleaning and gardening done tomorrow and then it's off to a Birthday Party for a friend.

Back to Cardio and Balance & Agility's gonna be a tough one!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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