Monday, July 30, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 8 of 35

Day 8 = Bum Bum + C25K

My husband told me last night that he was taking today off work to have a "ME Day"...not me as in ME, but rather ME as in HIM. He had some errands that needed to be done during most normal daytime work hours. The same hours he is usually at work. Anyways, since he was home this morning still in bed when my alarm sounded at 5:30am, I got up, went downstairs and did my Bum Bum workout. I then had time to spare and the light bulb went on. "You could go for a run", the light bulb proclaimed. "Yes, I could", I thought. And I did. It felt great to be out running so early in the morning, it's too bad my husband couldn't take more "ME DAYS".

The run was a bit tougher this morning as it followed my Bum Bum workout. My legs were already tired so I did take the one walking break in between the running intervals.  The rate I am going with the C25K, I may get it done by the time I started. LOL I have run the 5K as you already know if you have been following, but I just thought I would go through the motions of this program when I get the chance to get out.  It's also nice to change things up a bit in your workout routines.  I am going to try and get out again on Thursday of this week, as the BBL program calendar calls for a Rest Day on that day...WHAT!?!?!?...Rest Day in the middle of the week.  I'm thinking, if you were a couch potato just starting with this program, you will need this day of rest.  But NOT I...there's no rest for the wicked!  And when I say WICKED, I mean I have a WICKED body to show for all my hard work.  Okay, I am not quite to that status yet...BUTT I WILL BE SOON! LOL  Positive thinking, it's the only way to reach your goals.

I am getting the hang of the Capoeira move. Remember I spoke of this last week and Leandro's version of this move is KILLER. The other times through, I had to break or come up higher out of the move, but not today. I was right there with Leandro and his girls.  Each time I do the Capoeira, I get better and better.  Stronger and stronger.  What I have found difficult while learning the moves is to squeeze my butt as I lift, move, lunge, jump or shake.  I guess I am concentrating on the knowing how they are moving and I always have to remind myself to squeeze my butt.  And I don't mean with my hands.  Squeeze the muscles to help eliminate the fat.  SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE! 

Today's food...
Breakfast: Brazilian Breakfast Shake

This is from the Brazil Butt Lift Fat-Burning Foods booklet that came with the program.  It was made with blueberries...not my it was okay.  I'm sure if you are a blueberry lover, you will like it.

Snack: Strawberries and Cottage Cheese/Honey Candy
I am now getting used to the cottage cheese eating.  I really enjoyed this today with the strawberries.

Lunch: Salmon with a Salad
There is nothing more to say with this one.


Snack: Greek Yogurt with Grapefruit

It looks good, but I do not recommend this combination.  This one is just something I came up with this afternoon.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the greatest.  Save your grapefruit for the Spiced Broiled Grapefruit...yum!

Dinner: Baked Sweet Potato Topped with Ground Turkey, Leeks and Salsa
I got this idea from one of the fitness models in Oxygen.  In the magazine it discussed the changes the fitness model has seen in her body.  She had gained  a lot of lean muscle coming from all the lean protein she was eating.  This was listed as one of her favorite muscle foods.

This was really good!  I would eat it again tomorrow night as well.

There was a comment left on my blog today that really made me smile.  Don't get me wrong, they all make me smile.  But this particular one, I was flattered by it.  A reader of my blog was inspired to start up her own blog and talk about her journey just as I have been doing.  I read her blog and blushed at the part where she talks about ME.  It made me feel wonderful, knowing that I could help make a positive difference in a complete stranger's life.  I have added her blog to my blog reading list at the side of this post.  Please check it out and be another support system for her.  We all need a rock solid support system to help us Stay Strong.  Thanks amilynn342 for making me smile.

I will be getting the ol' Axe and Tuck tomorrow, so I better get my A$$  tucked into bed soon.

I will talk to you again tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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