Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 9 of 35

Day 9 = Cardio Axe + Tummy Tuck

Well I got my groove on again this morning with Cardio Axe. I am finally getting the hang of the International Samba. I would always mess up after the turn. I always ended up moving to the wrong side...but now it's finally sinking in. After I got Axed, I got my tummy tucked OR tortured??? Or a bit of both with the Tummy Tuck workout. It is such a great abs workout. The other day I couldn't remember what the name Leandro used for the one combo. I called it the Beach Body abs drill, it is actually called the Brazilian Bikini Combo. No matter what it's called, it's killer! By doing this though my abs are going to be killer! You can have killer abs too! I know some of you that are sitting there reading this, are looking down and seeing something not so killer around your midsection. The only way it might be killer, is if you used it to smother something with. I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU DO THAT! It's wrong! And it's a crime. Seriously though...I am not making fun of your larger midsection, I know what that was like...it's not so nice. But I have no sympathy for you if you don't TRY to turn those crime-killer (fl)abs into AWESOME-SUPER-FANTASTIC-KILLER LOOKING ABS. I am doing it, and so can you. Yes, it took me time to get closer and closer to those KILLER ABS, but I will tell you, it was time well spent. And it will definitely be WORTH IT! Because I AM! And so are YOU!
You will not get those KILLER abs from exercise alone though. You MUST stop filling your face with crap food and eat good clean foods. If you only eat hamburgers, try a turkey burger instead. If you say you don't like fish, but you never ever tried it...you don't know what you are missing. You could combine the burger thing, with the fish thing, and eat salmon burgers.  If you can't live without your ice cream fix, try making your own with all natural ingredients. There are recipes and so much more information on this little thing called, the "Internet", you may have heard of it. Check it out. No excuses.  Speaking of food, let's see what I filled my face with today.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Protein Packed Oats with Berries
This one was sort of meal from the Brazil Butt Lift Fat Burning Foods booklet.  It called for Oatmeal.  Not just any kind of oatmeal...well yes, normal oatmeal but you add 1 scoop of low-sugar protein powder to it once it has been cooked.  I don't know how people's have turned out but my was like glue.  The berries were my own addition to this to help thin it out a bit.  They were thawed out frozen raspberries(surprise) so the liquid helped thin the "glue". The BBL meal also included slivered almonds, which I did add. 
It was okay.

Snack: Popcorn/Cheese String/Grapefruit
The kids wanted popcorn for first snack today.  I had no problems with that.  I love popcorn!


Lunch: Baked Sweet Potato with Turkey, Leeks and Salsa
That's right!  This was SO good at dinner last night, I thought I would make myself another one for lunch.  I had some of the turkey/leeks mixture leftover so it was very easy to put together today.

This would be great to take to work to have on your lunch break.  Bake the sweet potato at home the night before or that same morning.  It only takes about 5 minutes in the microwave.  Cook up some ground turkey, cook up some leeks or onions.  I only used leeks because I had to use them up before they went bad.  Mix the turkey and the leeks/onions together.  It all up at work and then add the salsa OR you can add the salsa in before heating depending on how you like to eat your salsa, hot or cold.  Enjoy!

Snack: Cottage Cheese and Green Grapes
Uh oh!  I have taken' a liking to cottage cheese now.  But that's a good thing right?  I don't think I could eat just a bowl full of it with nothing mixed into it.  Like today I had it with some lovely green grapes...


Dinner: Roasted Garlic & Butternut Squash Soup/Turkey Barley Pilaf 
At first I was just going to eat some of the leftover Pilaf and then I remembered that I had some of this soup down in the freezer.  I know...Who could eat soup on such a hot day like today was and still is???  ME!

So it started as soup...

...and a bowl full of Turkey Barley Pilaf.
And then...

...they became ONE.
That was so good.  It was only a half serving of the pilaf into a full serving of soup, which is only 1 cup.  I will definitely pair these two up again.

After Dinner Snack: Hummus and Carrot Sticks

I just had this little snack while writing this piece.

I can't believe that tomorrow is August 1st ALREADY!  Where the hell did July go?  I start the month of August off by shaking my booty in tomorrow's Bum Bum workout.  I may sleep in a little and then shake it! OR I may get some other Cardio in, like maybe go for a Spin.  See how the night goes.  See if my children can stay in their own beds until the morning.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. How do you upload pictures? HELP :)

  2. I was looking at my abs while reading " know some of you that are sitting there reading this, are looking down and seeing something not so killer around your midsection", LOL. It is not killer but I promise myself by December it surely will be.

    1. Way to think positive! Keep thinking like that, and you will get those killer abs by December.

      Stay Strong!