Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 10 of 35

Day 10 = Bum Bum

Snooze, snooze, snoooozzzze...yup I stayed in bed this morning. My daughter had a sleep over in her brother's room last night and it was WONDERFUL! After my husband got up, I had the bed to myself, so I decided to stay in bed. It was SO nice!

Once I got up, I went in the bathroom and looked at my HRM, it read, REST DAY...I must have seen the

Today's food...
Breakfast: Tropical Yogurt Swirl

This one is from the Brazil Butt Lift Fat Burning Foods booklet. 
It is a mix of plain fat free greek yogurt(I guess you could use regular FF Plain yogurt), unsweetened shredded coconut, mango and 1/2 scoop of low sugar protein powder. 
This is one, I would definitely eat again. 

Snack: Watermelon with a Cheese String

I cut the cheese string up and mixed it in with the watermelon.  Just to be different.
Different is good, RIGHT?

Lunch: Salmon with Broccoli

So good...even if it is leftovers.
Salmon always = Delicious!

Snack: Frozen Kiwi Claus Shake with Raspberries and Slivered Almonds

Okay so this was another one of my creative creations.  The other week when I made up the Kiwi Claus Shake, I didn't drink the whole shake, I put some of it in a dish and placed it in the freezer.  So today, because it was quite hot here, I looked in the freezer to see if there was anything to cool me down.  I found the dish with the Kiwi Claus Shake in it.  I placed the frozen disc-like shake in a dish and then topped it off with raspberries and slivered almonds...Yum yum. 

Dinner: Portobello Mushroom Bake with Quinoa
A meal from the Brazil Butt Lift Fat-Burning Foods booklet(sort of).  As you know I like to change this up from time to time.  It was supposed to be served with couscous and sauteed spinach, but I just opted for quinoa and no spinach tonight.

And why do I change things up from time to time???
Because I sometimes don't have all the ingredients in house so I make substitutions.
And...well sometimes I just feel lazy.
Tonight was a bit of both.

So I told you at the beginning of this post that it was Rest Day.  A Rest Day only from the brain of my HRM, but Leandro had other plans for me.  He wanted me to shake my Bum Bum(Booty).  And that is exactly what I did.  Because I had stayed in bed this morning, that forced me to do my workout later in the day.  After the last daycare child had gone home, I cut the grass out the back, put the sprinkler on for my kids to play in, and I loaded the DVD player and hit play.  Bum Bum time!(Remember this is pronounced Boom Boom and not Bum as in your A$$) I always feel a bit silly when I type that...Bum Bum...LOL.

Okay so TOMORROW Leandro has me resting on a scheduled rest day...we shall see what tomorrow brings.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. The portobella bake looks fantastic - care to share the recipe for the mushrooms in that one? I might try it during my week off between BR challenges!

    1. Hi Joann,

      The Portobello Mushroom Bake is just 2 portobello mushroom caps brushed with a tsp of olive oil and grilled for about 6 minutes each side, sprinkle with a bit of sea salt. Once they are grilled, spoon about 2-4 tablespoons of tomato sauce between the two of them. Sprinkle about 1oz of low fat mozzarella cheese on the top and bake until melted. I served mine with Quinoa rather than couscous. They were so good, I will definitely be having them again. When I do, I will post the recipe on my blog post for that day. Maybe some time over the next couple weeks.


      Stay Strong!


  2. Thanks, Trina. Simple and yummy! I like ths.