Thursday, August 2, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 11 of 35

Day 11 = Rest Day = "WHAT?" = No Way!  I have to do something...


Today's food...
Breakfast: High Fiber Cereal with Mango & Slivered Almonds
I am really enjoying this cereal.  Today I thought I would match it up with some mango.  So tasty.  Be adventurous, try something new with your cereal.  You will never know if you like it or don't like if you don't try it.
This was good...

Snack: Watermelon/Betterbee Honey Candy
No adventure here today...just fresh sweet watermelon. 

The candy is only a temporary thing that you will be seeing until they are gone.  They are nice if you are craving something sweet but don't want to take in a huge amount of calories.  These all natural honey gems are only 15 calories each.  That may seem like a lot when you could grab a stick of sugar-free gum with only 5 calories.  The difference is that the candy is ALL NATURAL...I repeat...ALL NATURAL.  The gum is NOT.  The gum is made using artificial sweeteners and who know what else.  I haven't chewed gum in a while.  Probably the same time as when I gave up drinking Diet Pepsi.

Lunch: Roasted Garlic & Butternut Squash Soup with Pita Bread and Corn-on-the-Cob

Snack: Sweet Potato Crisps/Betterbee Honey Candy

Dinner: Grilled Chicken with Grilled Yellow Zucchini, Leeks and a Sweet Potato

This was very delicious!
I was going to have just a piece of grilled chicken with a salad and some yellow zucchini, but then I saw the sweet potato sitting on the counter.  I decided I would bake the sweet potato in the microwave while the chicken, leeks and zucchini were cooking on the Bar-B-Que.  Once the potato was cooked, I cut it open and mashed up the inside a bit.  The chicken and other things were ready so I cut them up, mixed them together and stuffed the sweet potato with the mixture.  I added a little bit of my homemade salsa and a sprinkle of low fat cheddar cheese on top.  AWESOME!

So now that you have seen what I ate for the day.   You may be wondering what I did for the day (besides eat) and by that, I mean in the way of exercise.

The Brazil Butt Lift Slim & Shape Calendar that I am following, called for a Rest Day today as I mentioned earlier.  So this morning when my alarm rang out at 5:30am, I shut it off.  I deserve a rest, especially after my head and body were used as a pillow and/or a foot rest during the night.  My little girl was in our bed again last night.  She was in there before I went to bed and I moved her back into her own room before I got into bed.  Sometime during the night...she came BACK!  So when the alarm sounded, I was thanking Leandro for adding in a rest day this week.

But you know I always say that saying, "No rest for the wicked".  With that being said, I took the kids out for a short walk today.  It was quite hot, so we didn't stay out too long. 

SO later after dinner...I just had to get out and...
Run...I ran about 10K or so. I started the C25K app up and started with the 4 minute walk, then proceeded to jog when Sargent Block shouted at me. I continued on and on and on until he told me to "Cool Down"...but I didn't listen to him, I kept on running. I did stop and walk once the program came to an end...but I was out in the middle of nowhere so I had to start it up again. I reset my HRM, logged the first C25K into and then started my second round of C25K to get me home again.

Nice rest day, eh?

It felt awful at the start because I just finished that yummy dinner of mine about 45 minutes before I went out. Plus all the water I drank today made me feel so heavy. I felt like I was jogging in slow motion. I had lots of uphill terrain in the first round, with more flats and downhills in the second. I was so proud of myself and felt really good near the end, that I started to pick up my speed and ran right through till I had about 3 minutes of cool down left. Stay Strong! I kept telling myself. It worked!

I know that Leandro is not going to be kind to me in the morning. First I'm going to be Axed with Cardio Axe and then I have to get High & Tight...excuse me??? Lol. This will be a new workout for me in this Brazil Butt Lift program. I'm looking forward to it.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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