Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week 7 Day 5 of RushFit

Week 7 Day 5 = Cardio + Stretch for Flexibility

61 Followers and 49,718 all time page views...WOW!  That makes me smile...thank you all. 

I hope my journey has helped some of you, if not all of you in some way or another.  Whether it be to help you eat better, get off that couch or to let you know that there is someone else out there feeling or has felt, the same way you are feeling.  I know what it's like to carry extra weight around and feel not so good about yourself.  I know what it feels like when you are walking and your inner thighs rub together...not so nice.  I know the troubles of stress eating.  I know how it feels to look in the mirror when trying clothes on, thinking, "If only that lump or roll was just not there". That reminds me of the movie "White Chicks" with "Tina the Talking Tummy" and "Back Fat Betty".  Thankfully to my hard work, I was able to say good bye to "Tina" and "Betty".  And so can you!  It will take time, but are worth that time.  Throughout my journey I have struggled with all of these things and more.  Some I have overcome, others I am still working on. 

Today for Cardio I rode my spinning bike, 40 minutes.  I SO needed to do the Stretch for Flexibility, it felt GREAT!  After a tough week of workouts, it was nice to take it easy this morning after my spin.  After tomorrow's RushFit Workout, I have one week left and then, "I will be RushFit" as they put it on the calendar.  I am going to step it up a notch tomorrow too by adding more Cardio besides the RushFit Full Body Strength & Conditioning Workout.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Brownie Batter High Protein High Fiber Pancakes

I came across this recipe on awhile ago, but have not made them for a long while.
I have been thinking that I need to up my protein, so I decided to make these up this morning. 
Just 2 pancakes are packed with 24g of protein, and so delicious.  They are made with black beans.

Snack: Brown Bag Popcorn 
I made the kids some popcorn this morning for first snack. 

Lunch: Mixing up the Leftovers
Today for my lunch, I used up some of the leftovers in the fridge to make up a really nice salad.  I used the mix greens, Dragon Fruit salsa, 1/2 of chicken and red pepper shish kabob.

Snack: Honey Oat Medley Square

Dinner: Beef Barley Pilaf
I used my turkey Barley Pilaf recipe and used 1lb of sirloin beef and beef broth instead of turkey and chicken broth.  I really enjoyed this meal tonight.  My husband likes it better with the turkey.  I can easily heat some beef broth up and turn some of the leftovers into a soup.

A Good Hearty Clean Meal

After Dinner Snack: Small Movie Popcorn/Bulge Free Brownie
My friend Jill and I went to see the movie Magic Mike tonight... 
Yum! and I don't mean the popcorn!

I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow...LOL

Until then...Stay Strong!  and Stay Focused!(get your eyes off the picture above)

Good night and sweet dreams(thinking o the picture above)


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