Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 8 Day 1 of RushFit

Week 8 Day 1 = Fight Conditioning + Preview of the Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum Rapido

Okay I had THE crappiest sleep ever.  Sleep is SO important when trying to improve your health, and I have not been getting what I need.  My husband put a business idea in my head yesterday, and I could not sleep.  Then in the middle of the night my daughter came into our bed again...blah.  Plus I think I was worried I would over sleep and not get in 2 workouts this morning.  And guess what???  My alarm went off, I turned it off and fell back to sleep...I woke up thinking it was past 6am.  It wasn't, so I hulled my a$$ out of bed and got ready to workout.

I started with my RushFit Fight Conditioning Workout, I did the Warm Up and the Workout and then moved onto what I only had time for...the Bum Bum Rapido(pronounced boom boom) of the Brazil Butt Lift Program.  This workout is only 10 minutes long, so I had enough time to squeeze it in.

I felt like I was in top form with my Fight Conditioning today.  All my punches, kicks and sprawls were spot on.  It must be because I am almost done with this program.  I have one more day of Fight Conditioning on Friday, it's the final Round.  Saturday I wrap it all up with Explosive Power Training + Cardio(that's my add on).

I wasn't so spot on with the Bum Bum Rapido though.  I was worked and shaky from the RushFit workout that I seem to be falling all over the place.  Plus I was trying to watch and learn watch they were doing.  They move much quicker than in the Fight Conditioning workout.  The Bum Bum Rapido is only 10 minutes in length.  That's all I had time to squeeze in this morning.  I may have to reset my alarm for an earlier time for the rest of the week, in order to get my double RushFit workouts in.

Today's food...
 Breakfast: Brownie Batter Banana Protein Pancakes
These may be my new favourite pancake.  They are packed with 24 grams of protein.  A bit high on the sugar but that is because of the banana and the honey used.  There is no added sugar.

I topped them off with some honey as a syrup. 

Lunch: Haddock Topped with Dragon Fruit Salsa served with a Baked Sweet Potato and Sliced Mango

My Dragon Fruit Salsa was still in good form and tasted delicious with the Haddock and the sweet potato.

Dinner: Chicken and Beef Vegetable Shish-Kabobs
We grilled these up quick tonight as we had to get to swimming lessons.

After Dinner Snack: Brown Bag Popcorn/Chocolate Black Bean Cups
The kids wanted a snack after coming home from swimming.  They started raiding the cupboards and taking the cereal bars that my husband likes to take for his lunches.  I suggested POPCORN!!!!  "Yeah!!!!"  So popcorn it is... 

I popped the popcorn in a brown bag in the microwave, tossed with some sea salt and coconut oil.

Here is the Chocolate Black Bean Cup
Can you tell I was experimenting again today?
I need to try making them again to get the right amount of beans to dark chocolate.

I would like to introduce you to my NEW workout partner...

I will be gaining 25lbs to help me lift my bottom and sculpt my thighs and hamstrings.

I plan on doing some weighted bridge exercises.  Next week I am going to pick up my new partner's twin, and I will put them both on my bar and do some dead lifts to help out my butt.  In combination with the Brazil Butt Lift Program I will have a butt that you can bounce a quarter off of.  LOL  It's no laughing matter really, if I don't take it seriously, I won't get the results I want.  And neither will you.  Whether you want/need to lose 50+lbs or the last 10-20lbs, we have to be focused on our GOALS all the time, weekdays and even more so on the WEEKENDS.  The weekends are when most people slack off.  Even I have trouble on weekends sometimes.  Like I said in Sunday's post, I didn't eat all my meals and tend to snack more.  Snacking or Grazing can be very dangerous.  When people snack or graze, they don't think that they are eating as much because it's like, "a little here and a little there" and it ends of  = TOO MUCH sometimes.  That is why it is always wise to plan your meals ahead of time.  I will admit, I haven't been planning as much as I did when I was doing Body Revolution. During the summer months, with holidays mixed in, does make it a little more difficult to stick to a plan.  I have been pretty good with sticking to my exercise plans but my meal planning is suffering a bit.  The Brazil Butt Lift does come with a meal plan, so I am going to review and plan meals accordingly.

Mind set...ready for GAME ON next week. I will finish RushFit off strong this week and get ready for what lies ahead...

I have reset my alarm to 5:15am with the ring tone...I'm Sexy and I Know It.  Second alarm is still set at 5:30am, ring tone...The Logical Song.  I MUST get up earlier to get in, the Explosive Power Training + Abdominal Strength & Core Conditioning Workouts.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. I purchased BBL also. Which plan are you follolwing? I think I will try and do it as you do it. So, we are starting Monday? I feel like I am a lot like you. I am 5'4" and 142 pounds. I want to get to 130 also. I am currently training for a marathon...but even though I am fit, my butt is my problem area...well, along with my thighs...

    1. Hey scraphappytoni,

      I will be following the Slim & Shape plan. I have entered the plan into my iPhone calendar for the next 5 weeks. I know that it is a 4 week program but I am going to start with the 6-day Supermodel Slim Down Plan. My rest days will be on Sundays still and I will do the 6-day SSD Plan and then begin the Slim & Shape calendar on my Day 8 of Brazil Butt Lift. I am doing this because I also have another week of holidays mixed in there so I MAY miss some workouts during that week. I will TRY NOT to miss any though. I want to try and stay true to this program as much as I have with RushFit and Body Revolution.

      WOW! A marathon. That's AWESOME!

      Stay Strong!