Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week 7 Day 7 of RushFit

Week 7 Day 7 = Rest Day

I don't know if I really like rest days or not. I tend to sleep in, and then feel like crap.  I eat well but not as well as I should.  Like for instance today, I didn't really eat lunch.  I tend to snack during the day on rest days.  It's because I am too busy doing other things like cleaning...blah, grocery shopping, cleaning...blah, and today...setting up for a customer to come and pick up some cool Maus Wear gear.

After taking all the Maus Wear product down and packed up a few weeks ago in order to paint the dining room, I had a customer wanting to come by today to pick out some cool things for a baby shower gift.
And Cool Things are what she GOT!  That what Maus Wear is!
So I lifted and carried the totes of product back upstairs and set it out for her to shop.  That was a workout itself.  Thanks for being a loyal customer Judy!  For anyone local to my area of Waterloo, ON I will be planning some shopping dates for you to come over and pick out some great Maus Wear gear for the little ones in your life.  I will let you all know.  If you don't live nearby and you are interested in Maus Wear products, please check out my website or email me at or or leave a comment on my blog.

Okay enough about plugging my little business.  Let's talk about becoming a healthier version of Me and YOU...
I hope you have had a wonderful Sunday, whether you were resting or working out hard today, I hoped you enjoyed every minute of it. 

Last night I was reading an article in Oxygen Flat Belly Issue, the same one I told you about yesterday.  Anyway, the article was about sweating and antiperspirants. 


When I get up in the morning for my workout, I go to the toilet(wash my hands of course), then I brush my teeth(can't stand working out if I don't), get dressed in my workout clothes and I skip the antiperspirant.  I know what you are thinking..."OMG, how can she do that??? She must be SO stinky by the end of those hard workouts she is doing".

Not the case WHAT-SO-EVER! 

After my workout I am all sweaty but not stinky.  I truly believe it is because I am eating CLEAN.  I am not filling my body with all sorts of processed foods that would be going all toxic in my body, and therefore when I sweat I don't create a stinky atmosphere around me.  Now I do shower after my workouts and clean up nicely.  I have a body wash that smells of honey.  So sweet and nice.

In the Oxygen article, it discussed the necessity for us to sweat.  It helps to cool our bodies down.  And on these HOT and Humid summer days, we NEED that very much.  So let them see you sweat!  Now I'm not saying to ditch your antiperspirants, especially if you workout at a gym AND if you are not eating CLEAN.  There is nothing worse than working out next to someone that stinks.  Don't be that STINKY person, use your antiperspirant.  When I was a member at the gym and I attended the spinning classes(this was before I became an instructor), I always like to ride on one particular bike in the cycling studio.  And it never failed, this other member who had terrible body odor, would always ride on the bike next to me.  I had to endure this very unpleasant odor for almost an hour.  It was always worse when the oscillating fan would be sitting behind them.  Barf...Again...I repeat...Don't be that stinky person.  EAT CLEAN!!!

If you workout at home and eat clean, try going antiperspirant free for a few days or a week and see, or I should say, SMELL what happens.  I know that in the past that I have had a case where I forgot to put on my antiperspirant(not at the gym though), and I could tell that I was embarrassing.  I was eating crap then and I was releases toxins through my skin and it was BAD.  Now I eat CLEAN and I think I smell pretty good, even if I forget my antiperspirant.  Don't worry though people, I do wear it.

Before we move onto Today's food, I will talk about something not so stinky, just in case I lost a few of you.  Here is the progress picture of my potted garden...
It finally rained hard here today.  It rained a few drops the other day but not enough to water my garden and lawn.  Check out my carrot, lettuce, beans(are a bit fried), zucchini and onions.  Hopefully this rain will restore the beans a bit as well as all the brown lawns around the neighbourhood.  I love the sun and the heat, but it's also nice to get the rain to make everything nice and green.


This is just to show you what eating CLEAN and a great bra can do for you.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Protein Pancakes with Raspberry Sauce
These were made from a recipe I found through Tosca Reno's trainer, Rita Catolino.  It is on Rita's Facebook page.  If you want the recipe, go and like Rita's page and the recipe will be there.

They were okay.  I don't know if I put enough cinnamon in them or not. 
They are flour less and sugarless pancakes. 
Rita mentions on the Facebook page about using Pumpkin Pie protein powder...YUM!  next time I will try that if I can find that protein powder.  Rita, let me know where you get it from please.

AM Snack/Lunch: Banana Blueberry Muffin/Green Grapes
I ate this mid to late morning as I was setting up, so I will class it as my snack and lunch.  It was enough to keep me going.

Dinner: Roasted Chicken Breast, Corn on the Cob, Garlic Mashed Potato Topped with Onion Crunch

CLEAN and Delicious!

After Dinner Snack: HempHogs Truffle/Chocolate Covered Carrot Cake Ball
I'm not setting a very good example with this after dinner snack.  ALL this chocolate!  Actually it's not as bad as you may think.  HempHog Truffle is Organic and all the ingredients are CLEAN, the only thing is, it was Milk chocolate and not dark chocolate.  The good thing...I only ate half of it, my husband ate the other half.  The Chocolate Covered Carrot Cake Ball were my creation way back in March and now they are GONE!!!  It tasted wonderful still.  I got my chocolate fix in for the week, over this weekend. 

I think I would have enjoyed it more if it were made of Dark Chocolate.  I am just so accustomed to Dark Chocolate now, I find the milk chocolate too sweet.
But look how cute that HempHog is. LOL

After being in the freezer for 4 months...
Still delicious!

Well it's my last week of RushFit starting tomorrow.  I am still going to double up on the workouts on the days where they are not doubled up already, which is tomorrow and Saturday.  Tomorrow I have the Fight Conditioning and I think I might pair it up with Strength & Endurance OR I may try out a workout from the Brazil Butt Lift.  Remember I got this a while back before completing Body Revolution???  I still have yet to try it. My son goes to Acting Camp each day this week, so I have to watch my time in the morning, just like as when he was in school. 
The Brazil Butt Lift will probably be the next program I do.  I thought I would get back to Body Revolution along with my husband but I don't think he is quite ready to start yet next week.  I will start with a little preview this week and then start up next Monday with the full program.  I believe it is a 6 week program.  I seem to be getting shorter with my programs.  Body Revolution was 13 weeks total, RushFit is 8 weeks and now this one will be 6 weeks.  After that I might design my own.

Today while we were out, I bought myself something...a new weight...I will reveal it tomorrow and show you the moves I want to do and why.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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