Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 14 of 35

Day 14 of 35 = Rest Day

I earned this this day of Rest after yesterday's full day of refinishing the daycare floor.  Plus cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.

I have created a page on facebook to provide extra inspiration and motivation for you to help you on your way to becoming a Healthier Version of YOUrself .  Please check it out and become a part of it.  Spread the word to your family and friends and inspire them to start their own journey.  I will have a giveaway once the page has 100 "LIKES".  I will post pictures, quotes, recipes, links to other websites of thing I like, and so much more.  New products will be launched on the page as well.  Please feel free to send pictures to post of yourself wearing your KeepCalmAndStayStrong KCASS(in my eyes this says "KickAss") merchandise.  It's all about having fun on your journey and I hope to help you along the way.   
I hope you will be a part of this page as well as keep on keeping on with my blog.  I really enjoy writing this blog and I hope that you are enjoying all my babble.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Multi-Grain Pancakes with Berry Syrup
I haven't had these gems in awhile...
It doesn't get better than this for a Sunday morning.

Snack: Phatsoslim Protein Bar

Lunch: Turkey & Mushroom Pita Pizza

This was from the Brazil Butt Lift Fat Burning Foods Booklet with an addition of the ground turkey.
It was good but I forgot that I did not season the turkey the other day when I made it, so it was a little bit bland tasting.  I should have added some hot sauce while I was eating it.

Snack: Phatsoslim Protein Bar/Green Grapes
It is a recipe of mine that I am testing out so since they are here and I want to figure out what to change, I will be snacking on these for the next few days, along with some fresh fruit.  Sorry no pictures.

Dinner:  Roasted Chicken with a Baked Sweet Potato & Cottage Cheese

I have taken a liking to cottage cheese now.  I only used about 1-2 tablespoons on the sweet potato.
Added salsa to the top of the chicken.

So I know that you are all very interested in how my floor came out after the 3 coats of urethane...Right???

It's SO shiny!  I went down this morning with socks on my feet, I could have skated all around the floor.
I have returned most of the furniture back to the room today, just need to put all the books and toys back on the shelves tomorrow.  Yay!!!  Holiday tomorrow.  It will give the floor one whole day before little feet run all around on it.  And probably a little slip and sliding if they are wearing socks.  But it's summertime!  Who wears socks in the summer???  ONLY when you are exercising, with some exceptions.

Tomorrow I will be Sculpting my behind with Brazil Butt Lift's Sculpt Workout.  It will be the first time for this workout for me.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. Hi Trina,
    I had a couple of questions on the Body revolution. Could you please help me out by answering them.
    1. Would you workout on an empty stomach? (the AM workout)
    2. What would you have after the workout?

    1. Hello Yummy Mummy,

      I do all of my workouts in the morning as soon as I get up. I once tried eating before my workout but it just made me feel sick, so I decided it would be best to not eat before. I am a morning person, get up an extra 1/2 - 1 hour before working out to eat...that's NOT going to happen for me. I know for people training for competitions and for sporting events, they probably follow a very strict eating regiment and take supplements...that is not me. I am training for life, a healthy life.
      I don't even drink water while I am working out. Over time, I have trained my body not to rely on it while I am working out. I drink enough during the day to replenish anything that is lost during my workouts. At breakfast time I ususally drink 3 cups of water. I know some might say that is not a good thing, but that is just they way MY body works. BUT...if you need water while working out...DRINK IT!

      After I workout, I have a shower and then I eat my breakfast. Sometimes I may have shake with extra protein in it. I have a low sugar protein powder that I use and get my sugars from fruits.

      Everybody is different though. You may feel fine eating before your workouts. So try and see what works best for you.

      I hope this has helped.

      Stay Strong!