Saturday, August 4, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 13 of 35

Day 13 = Bum Bum

Alarm sounded out at 6:30am this morning...I swear it rang out..."You're Sexy and You Know It"...I swear...that's what I heard...LOL.  It's called, THINKING POSITIVE!   I got up and was ready to work(out). 

Instead of starting this day with my Bum Bum workout, I started it with breakfast and then sanding, vacuuming and washing the daycare floor.  I wanted to get the first coat of urethane early so that I would have enough time today to get two more coats on.  So my early morning work(out) was good hard manually labour. 

First coat was by 8:15am, set the timer for 2h30m...meanwhile I gave the kids breakfast and then proceeded to sweep, vacuum and wash the kitchen floor.  Plus clean behind the stove, finding an assortment of little balls and other trinkets that the cats had swatted under there.  Lost treasures found(for the cats, that is).  The timer rang out and I went to check the floor...I gave it another 30 minutes. 
Approximately 11:30am first coat dry...

Time for the second coat...
I will not bore you with the rest of this job that I am working so hard on completing.  I will share a picture of the finished floor tomorrow.  It's looking good though.

Today's food...
Breakfast: High Fiber Cereal with Protein Powder, Raspberries & Slivered Almonds

Snack: A Wrap Without a Wrap
This was inspired by the wrap I had yesterday...
ONLY without the actual wrap. 
Since I am trying to cut down on breads and such, I used the egg whites as the wrap itself.  I put in one turkey sausage some sauteed spinach and homemade salsa(looks like I will be needing to make for salsa this year), rolled it up and enjoyed it very VERY much.  This will be a new favorite.

Lunch: Sweet Potato Topped with Turkey Barley Pilaf
Using up some more leftovers...

So since I am going to post this earlier today I will leave the food trail here...

My snack might consist of something refreshing as it is another HOT day here today, and with the work I have been doing, I need something cool.

Dinner will be SALMON and a salad of some sort.

But before I bid you a GREAT day...

Here is the "something" I wanted to share with you.  Because I always say "Stay Strong" at the end of my posts and I wear my Stay Strong necklace ALL the time.  It totally helps me stay focused on my goals.  When I am in the middle of doing Burpees and I feel like I want to give up, I can feel my Stay Strong necklace around my necklace(or sometimes it's hitting me in the chin)and I Stay Strong and complete the set of Burpees that I am supposed to be doing.  I also have my little blank page Stay Strong Notebook, that by the way is not so blank inside anymore.  I plan my meals and use it for other ideas that can help keep ME motivated, and some of those ideas will help YOU too.

So that got me thinking I could get another tattoo, but how would that help you stay motivated???  I wanted you to have an opportunity to be able to keep focused and Stay Strong too. 

So I decided this was a better idea...And because I am a Chocoholic, I have chosen the colour of Dark Chocolate...because we ONLY eat the good stuff RIGHT?...and PINK print!  No...I have not changed my name to Willy Wonka and started making chocolate bars.  It's something you could wear...

Keep Calm and Stay Strong
Dark Chocolate & Pink Tank Top
Available in Small, Medium and Large 
Other sizes available on request
$20.00ea plus S&H

 The second tank top that is available is White with Orange print...this is to match my blog colours...

Keep Calm and Stay Strong
White & Dark Orange Tank Top
Available in Small, Medium and Large 
Other sizes available on request
$20.00ea plus S&H

If you would like to order one of these tanks, email me at
I am wearing a medium size in the pictures.

I will be doing my Bum Bum workout later today.  After I get my children to clean up ALL the toys ALL OVER the attic floor.  I don't dare to try and workout up there before that.  I wouldn't want to slip on the numerous pieces of LEGO that my son has out.  Just when I think they can't make more of a mess...THINK AGAIN!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Have a great day!


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