Monday, August 6, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 15 of 35

Day 15 = Sculpt + A Bonus Round of Bum Bum

I will begin with WHY I did a bonus round of Bum Bum...

Today was the Civic Holiday here in Canada and I had the day off, so I had some extra time and I thought, "Why not?"

The Sculpt workout is about 47 minutes in length but I didn't get much of a calorie burn, so that is another reason why I doubled up workouts today.  This workout requires weights.  I used 8 pound dumbbells.  Despite the not so high calorie burn this is a great workout.  I will discuss this workout later in the week when I do it again.  Today was a busy day of doing "stuff" around the house and out of the house, so I have kind of forgotten about the workout as it seems like it was yesterday that I did it. 

What I do remember is...looking for the remote control for the DVD player this morning.  I was not being lazy, it wasn't like I was sitting on the couch(because it was still outside)and couldn't get up to change the channel.  The Sculpt workout was the second one on the DVD menu and I could not get it to play without the remote.  I think I look around for a least 25 minutes.  I was getting SO mad because I knew that I put it somewhere and I couldn't remember where.  I wanted to cry because I just wanted to get to my workout.  Then I started to swear like...Where the F#$K is the F#$King remote?  I looked right in front of me and it was there.  "We don't cry, we TRY!"  I did not cry, I did use a few foul words...BUT I did not give up...I did TRY...and I found it.  Then I had to laugh at myself. Crisis over.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Ricotta Cheese & Fruit
This meal is from the Brazil Butt Lift Fat Burning Foods booklet and this is what theirs looked like...

This is what mine looked like...

I didn't have a fancy glass to layer it in, so I just used a dish.

Snack: Phatsoslim Protein Bars/Green Grapes

Lunch: Baja Salad from Wendy's
This is my go to choice of food when we are out and about.

Snack: Pineapple with Slivered Almonds

Dinner: Sauteed Onion & Mushroom Salad with Ground Turkey

This was one of my own creations.
I sauteed some onions and mushrooms and then threw in the last of the ground turkey that I had cooked up last week.  I then threw in some snap peas and seasoned it with some Pesto Parmesan Salad Dressing.  Cut up about a 1/4 head of head lettuce, and then mixed the hot mixture with the lettuce.
It was really good.  Definitely do this one again.

Snack: Phatsoslim Protein Bar

I hope you all had a great day whether you had to work or had the day, I hope it was great!  I got the daycare all set back up again and ready for 7:30am tomorrow morning.  Before I had put the sofa back in, my kids and I were sitting out on the back deck on it admiring our back garden... 
 Thanks to Sprinkle Fun the last few weeks, I have the greenest grass in the neighbourhood.  I hope it rains this week so our water bill doesn't put us in the poor house. LOL

So in the morning I will be doing the "My A$$ is Screaming" workout and Tummy Tuck.  So my A$$ will be having a screaming match with my Abs.  A$$ vs Abs in the morning.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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