Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 18 of 35

Day 18 = Sculpt

For the Sculpt workout you will need either dumbbells or a resistance band.  Beginner 3-5lbs, Intermediate 5-8lbs and Advanced 8-10+ lbs.  I used a combination of all of the levels of recommended weights.  The last time I did this workout, which would have been my first time for it, I used 8lb dumbbells.  I found that some of the moves the weight I had in hand was not enough and for other moves it was just right or too much.  So today I used 5's, 8's and 10's.  I only used the 5's for the Double Arm Triceps Kickbacks.  I know it sounds like I was wimping out, but I just found the other day with the 8's, they were too much, I didn't have very good form.  While I was doing RushFit, I found that my Triceps kind of got neglected a bit.  They definitely didn't get the workout like they did with Body Revolution.  But with the Brazil Butt Lift and the Sculpt workout, their time has come once again.  I figure by next week, the 8's with probably be no problem.

The one move that I need to practice in this workout is "The Mermaid".  How do I describe it???  It's kind of like a twisting push up.  Lay down on your side with bent knees facing the front of the room, side of your stacked feet on the ground to the left side.  Turn your torso with hands on the ground to the right side.  Okay you look like a Mermaid now...great!  But you are not done.  Lower your chest to the floor and then raise up high enough for you to turn your bent knees, pivoting on your feet and twist them towards the ground to the back of the room. Lower chest to the ground and repeat back and forth.  Level 1- Touch your knees and butt on the floor after twist.  Level 2 - Keep your knees and butt off the floor after twist and lower down to the floor and push back up. NOW GO!
Was that clear as MUD??? LOL  The Mermaid in the picture should have her torso twisted a bit more with hands in the push up position.

Today's Food...
Breakfast: Mango Protein Smoothie
This morning I felt like having a smoothie.  Since I had those sinful snacks(yet healthy) yesterday, I needed to up my protein today.  I stuffed this Mango Smoothie with 2 scoops of low sugar protein powder.  I used water and frozen mango for this.  No other extras.

Snack: Mushroom, Onion, Turkey Sausage & Mango Wrap Without a Wrap
I love my new creation...A Wrap Without a's so good.

Lunch: Grilled Chicken with Mushrooms and Onions on Egg Noodles

Snack: Chewy Caramel Popcorn
This is from the newest issue of Clean Eating magazine.  I downloaded it on my iPhone last night and spotted this tasty looking snack and thought I would try it for second snack for the daycare kids.

I did not make it with the peanuts and I use coconut oil instead of butter.  The kids LOVED it.  It was a nice option, but I still prefer air popped popcorn with coconut oil and sea salt.

Dinner: Apple Chicken and Pecan Salad
We were on the go again tonight, so I changed it up and tried the Apple Chicken Pecan Salad Half size from Wendy's, no dressing and no blue cheese...blah.  I forgot to take a picture.

I did however have room for something else to fill my sweet tooth today.  I know yesterday I said that I am not a fan of Butter Tarts, but I am a fan of MY Butter Tarts with NO Butter.  I had one, and that's all.  I still came in under my calorie count for today, but my sugars were high again.  I have to stop trying out new recipes for the next few weeks.  OR I need to get some taste tester volunteers...LOL

I am subjecting myself to these yummy goodies to show you that eating healthy doesn't mean you have to eat just rice cakes and drink water all the time.  Drink water...yes...rice not all the time.  Life is more exciting than that, and it should be enjoyed.  If you learn how to substitute healthier, cleaner choices for more sinful, calorie-filled recipes, than you will be able to stay on course throughout your journey.

Today, during quiet time in the daycare, I added a section "Grown Up Gear" to You can now ALSO order the "Keep Calm and Stay Strong" Tank Tops through the website.  Being a parent of two young children, I think this phrase should be every parent's motto for children of ANY age. 

Please check it out at

Speaking of being a parent...I was talking to a friend last week and she told me that she has been eating clean in order to get back to the way she was before she had her baby.  She then told me that her sister told her that she would "never be the same"..."You've had a kid".  And her sister is right!  She won't be the same, she will be BETTER!  Better because she will be healthy, fit and she is a mother of a beautiful little boy.  I am in better shape now, than I was before I was pregnant with my first child.  Now I have two beautiful (CRAZY-SILLY) children that are totally picking up on my healthy eating and my fitness life.  So will my friend and her little one, and so will YOU and YOUR children.  Set a good example and they will follow.

Get your kids drinking water, lots of it.  My son told me the other day, "Fruit Rules, Candy Drools" LOL and he told me tonight that he is going to "drink water everywhere he goes, because it is SO important".
If you get your children drinking water at a young age, they will learn to LOVE IT.  So drink up, it's Thirsty Thursday!

Tomorrow's workout should get rid of many of these natural sweet calories that I consumed today and yesterday.  In the morning I have Cardio Axe and High & Tight...
...and my A$$ on the chopping block.
(This picture was taken after the completion of Body Revolution)

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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