Friday, August 10, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 19 of 35

Day 19 = Cardio Axe + High & Tight

I am seeing a definite change in my body since starting the Brazil Butt Lift program.  The calorie burns aren't as high as I would like but that's okay for now.  I can feel my body tightening and certain areas becoming firmer.  The High & Tight workout is FANTASTIC!  Have I told you that yet?  I know I told you that it makes your butt scream, but it is FANTASTIC!  By the time I get to the "Corkscrew" move I have such a pain in my A$$ that I feel like screaming just as my A$$ is doing.  It's not an "injury pain", but rather a "I-know-I-am-working-kind-of-pain".  All the while Leandro and his girls are staring out from the TV with big smiles on their faces.  I swear they must get paid BIG bucks for not screaming out and swearing in pain, like I was doing this morning. I wonder how many takes they do before they get a final DVD made.  The must edit out all of the butt screaming.  Because I don't care how fit you are, if you are doing the move correctly, with enough weight to challenge're gonna feel it!

In Cardio Axe this morning, I felt a bit "off".  I kept messing up some of the moves that I had mastered the other day.  I think it's because I haven't done Cardio Axe since last Friday.  That's just the way the Slim & Shape Calendar is.  Next week I will be doing it twice, so I will get my groove back then.  Even though I was messing up and at times felt like I had two left feet, I kept moving and didn't give up.  As long as you keep moving and are trying your best, you will become the best.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Raspberry Mango Smoothie

Snack: Turkey Sausages
I have no picture but there is a story behind this snack.  What would my blog be without my little side stories, eh???
So here it is...
I cooked up the sausages(they are breakfast links, so they are the small sausages) and I thought, "I am going to make a savoury protein pancake mix".  So I mixed up 2 egg whites, 2 scoops of unflavored protein powder and a bit of water.  I threw in some dried basil, cut up the sausages and mixed them in.  I then cooked them up...they looked okay...OH wait I do have a picture...

They look okay right?
Well looks can be deceiving...they tasted like crap.  I scraped out maybe one of the two sausages that were in the pancake and just ate that.  A project to be worked be continued...

Snack: Phatsoslim Hemp Bar
This is something new I am working on.  Pictures to come once I make them pretty.  This batch got a bit too dark in the oven.

Lunch: Onion & Cheese Pita Pizza and Salad

                                            I needed something quick and easy today.                                        
Dinner: Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Salad
I wrote this in before I actually ate...actually before I even bought it.  We are going to the Drive-in Movies tonight and we are picking up some food along the way.

So I will leave you with this...
It's HOLIDAY time for me!!!!!
No I have not put my two kids on the clothesline for the upcoming week.  We are going to enjoy this fun filled week off of work.  Maybe the week after I may need to do the 5 minute break as shown in the picture.

Tomorrow I will be becoming a Mermaid once again with the BBL Sculpt Workout.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Have a great night!


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