Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 20 of 35

Day 20 = Sculpt

Today I had a very late start to my day.  After a great LATE night, or early morning, at the Drive-In needless to say, I needed sleep.  I was awakened by my two late night movie goers.

Pictures from last night.
It was quite an awesome night.  It rained(for a bit), it thundered(for a bit, some were quite loud) and it was lightening, but ALL was good because we were in the back of our SUV with pillows and blankets and having fun.  With the back of the truck open facing the screen, it didn't matter that the rain came pouring down for a little bit.  We were dry and having fun!  And best part we could all see the movie perfectly!
The movies that were playing last night were The Bourne Legacy and TED.  Not the best two movies for kids but my kids had a blast anyway.  The both fell fast asleep before the first movie was over anyway.  I didn't much care for The Bourne Legacy, it just wasn't the same without Matt Damon, it was a bit boring.  I did however enjoy the movie TED, it was silly but crude humor.  If you like the works of Seth MacFarlen i.e. Family Guy, you will like this movie, if you don't, don't go see it.

After I was up, I got dressed in my workout gear and started the Brazil Butt Lift Sculpt Workout.  I had all my weights on hand again for this one and mixed them up.  And when I say "mixed them up", I mean MIXED THEM UP!  I used a 5lbs dumbbell for this one move on the first side, then switched to a heavier weight for the next couple moves.  When it came to switch to the other side, I forgot to switch my 8lb dumbbell for the 5 for the other side.  Oh well that's okay because my right shoulder has been a little sore for the past week(I think it was all the lugging of the vacuum, sweeping, mopping and redoing the floor last Saturday).  I will be on holiday this week and I will be taking ONLY my 8lb dumbbells with me, I thought it would be better than bringing them all.  There will be days at home too where I can UP the weights.  By taking my weights and DVDs with me = NO EXCUSES.  I have made the commitment to myself and refuse to let myself down.

A few weeks ago I mentioned how spoiled I got on my Birthday.  I also mentioned another gift, a book that my husband ordered me that he knew I wanted.  But I never told you the name of it.  I wanted to read it through first.  At that point in time when I got this new book I was halfway through the second book of the Fifty Shades Trilogy(boring).  I had no problem putting that book down and picking up this new one.  It has nothing to do with a "Red Room of Pain", although it could I guess if that is what you want in life.  The book that I am referring to is Robert Kennedy's Bull'$ Eye. 

 It is a book that will show you that "Failure - NOT an Option."  It's SO true!  It was very hard for me to put this book down.  If you don't know who Robert Kennedy was(may he rest in peace), he was a publisher, the Founder/Owner of Robert Kennedy Publishing, successful entrepreneur and an accomplished artist.  Robert Kennedy Publishing has publish many of the books and magazines(Clean Eating) that I have in my home, including Tosca Reno's Eat-Clean Diet series of books and cookbooks.  He and Tosca were husband and wife, and with that combination, how could you not be inspired by reading ANY of their books???  I have mentioned before in a previous post that Tosca is training for a competition coming up this fall, and it's all for in memory of her late husband Robert "Tough Love" Kennedy.   After I began reading Bull'$ Eye, it definitely got my creative thinking going.  I immediately pulled out an old project that I had started, and have been working on it since.  I cannot say anything more about it until it is complete, but TRUST me, I will let you in on it once I have it completed.  This book has inspired me in many ways and I highly recommend this one to you.  I am planning on going to CanFit Pro next Saturday in Toronto and I am planning on stopping by Tosca Reno's booth to get some books signed(if possible) and Bull'$ Eye will be one of them(in honor of Robert).  Stay Strong Tosca!  Also check out her blog in "My Blog List".

Today's food...
Breakfast: Ricotta & Fruit
A very very late breakfast.  I think I ate this just before noon today.

Lunch: Half Mariboli Wrap with Soup & Salad
My husband is in holiday mode and he wanted to go out for lunch, so we did.

Snack: Phatsoslim Hemp Bar/Green Grapes/Cherries
I picked up some fresh fruit at the store today for our holidays, and I kind of started on it today already.

Dinner: Baked Sweet Potato with Cottage Cheese & Mushroom and Onions

I was just going to have it like shown in the first picture. 
But I needed to cook up the mushrooms I had in the fridge so they wouldn't go bad.  I threw in some onions and sauteed them up.  I used most of the mushroom/onion mixture on 3 Pita Pizzas that I also made up, the leftover, I put on the sweet potato.

I have to say good night now because I have SO much that I still need to do tonight to get ready for this coming week.  I have started to pack my 6 Pack cooler bag with healthy meals and snacks.  I just have to remember to get the gel packs out of the freezer in the morning.

Rest Day tomorrow...but if I feel up to it, I may just hop on my spinning bike for a half hour.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


I will be shipping another lot of these out next Thursday.  If you would like to place an order, email it to by Wednesday August 15th and yours will be shipped out on Thursday if I have your size in stock.  Stay Strong!
Also over the next few days I may not be able to post many pictures if any.  I will try and post some on the "A Healthier Version of ME and YOU" Facebook page!/AHealthierVersionofMeAndYou  It is almost to the halfway point of the first of many giveaways.  Once the page reaches 100 LIKES, I will giveaway a prize to one of you who LIKE the page.  So LIKE it, link it and share it with friends.

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