Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 32 of 35

Day 32 = Sculpt

Happy Thirsty Thursday!  I hope you all drank your water today.  I did!  By 11:00am I had already finished 9 cups of water, that's 3 of the black water cups that I showed you in the Vlog in yesterday's post.  I mentioned in the post that water intake depends on your size and your goals.  It also depends on many other things for instance...the temperature outside.  If it is a hot and humid day...drink drink drink...WATER that is.  It also depends on your activity level.  If you are very active and sweat out buckets...drink drink drink...WATER that is.  If you are a couch potato...drink drink drink...WATER that is...get rid of the pop and potato chips, and reach for the H2O and sweet potato chips.  It will help you get off that couch, first by making you many more trips to the bathroom to pee, and secondly, you will start to feel better about how you feel and about how you look.  Those frequent trips to the bathroom will burn more calories than sitting on the couch channel surfing.  Who knows...maybe it will get you surfing for real, in what got you there in the first place...WATER! 

Speaking of trips to the bathroom, loo, the bog, whatever you may call it, I had some people comment on that with the amount of water that I drink.  Yes, I do go more often, but as I said above, it's great exercise, those extra steps, the squat down and then the squat back up(at least for the women out there, the guys have it rather easy...nah, they can sit too)the extra steps drink up!

Thank you to all of you who expressed your love for my first Vlog, it means a lot to me.  For those people that know me personally you are going to say "Yeah Right!" to my next sentence.  I am a very shy first.  Once I feel comfortable then I am not so shy anymore, and then you can't shut me up...I know everybody that knows me is saying..."Yes that IS right!"  So now that I got my first Official Vlog done, I am excited to do some more.  They won't be everyday but I will TRY and get at least one done a week.  If you have any ideas of what you would like me to discuss, let me know.  I am already planning to do a Spinning Vlog.  Since I ride my bike upstairs and pretend that I am teaching a class(yes...I talk to myself, I'll admit...but who doesn't?!?!?! Come to think I it, I think I already admitted that to you...OR maybe I was just talking to myself again. LOL) I might as well demonstrate a song or two to you.  Any song requests???(I know Jen...George Michael or Prince...right?)LOL  I already have one song in my head that I plan to do, and that is "Born this Way" by Lady Gaga.  It's such a great song to cycle to.  This Vlog will probably be as soon as next week as I have my free week before I begin my second round of Body Revolution.  And don't worry...there will be one of my Madonna Day.  It will most likely show up a few days after the concert.

This blog is titled Brazil Butt Lift Day 32 of 35 so I guess I better talk about day 32.  Today I did the Sculpt workout for the second last time in my program calendar.  I felt really strong today doing this one.  My Mermaid was MUCH better today.  I managed to keep my knees and hips off the floor for at least half of the Mermaid time.  That move is probably the only one that I need work on.  Two more days of workouts and then my final Rest day of this program.  Tomorrow I will be repeating the workouts I did yesterday...Cardio Axe + High & Tight + Tummy Tuck.  I will definitely feel Fabulously Fit after that workout.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Vanilla Greek Yogurt with Holy Crap
Holy Crap it's Breakfast time again.

Snack: Pemeal Bacon Wrap without a Wrap

I bet you some salsa would have tasted great in this wrap w/o a wrap too.  It is on my list on things to make.

Lunch: Chicken & Black Bean Wrap with a Salad

Today's theme seems to be A WRAP! 
I had extra of the chicken and bean mixture, so I tossed it on top of some mixed greens.

Snack: Peanut Butter & Graspberry Roll Up with Cottage Cheese

It was so good yesterday, I thought I would have it again today.  Plus I have to use up the tortillas.

Dinner: Edamame Bean & Spiced Grapefruit Salad with Ground Chicken
I was feeling a bit lazy tonight and didn't feel like making anything to eat...BUT I did and I was trying something different and crazy. 
Crazy...but good.
I spiced up the beans with savoury spices, and spiced up the grapefruit with sweetness.  I baked the beans and chicken and broiled the grapefruit, then mixed it all together.

Water In-take: 21 cups (almost 5L)
Today being Thirsty Thursday and all, I downed around 5L of water.  I drank all the water from the Vlog and some.

I will drink it all the same again tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Fabulously Fit Friday and I will flush all the crap and the fat out so I feel Fabulous.  The temperature and the humidity is on the rise for this weekend, so I will probably feel like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters with all this water I taking in.  That's okay though because I know it's only water making me feel that way, and not crappy food.  Drink your water.  If you are have a craving for something not so good...drink some water to help fill you up and keep that craving at bay.  Even though Thirsty Thursday is coming to an end today...keep drinking your WATER tomorrow and EVERYDAY! 

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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