Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Week of Freedom Day 3 - Almost Wordless Wednesday

Day 3 of my free week turned out to be not so great. Yes I did get up early to workout, and that felt GREAT! But then things turned on me...
I have been a sneezing mess all day. It is now only 8:30 and I am going to bed again. I went straight to bed after dinner and just got up to get a drink and I'm back to bed for the night. So sorry, but there will be no talk or pictures of food today. Hopefully I can recap it all tomorrow. Many people have commented or messaged me in the past saying that I was "a machine", in regards to the way I workout and eat right. Well I am. But even machines have downtime. I will be back in top form in the morning. I WILL!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Nite nite



  1. Rest up! I am grabbing extra rest too before I hit BR2 next week.