Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Week of Freedom Day 4 - I'm Sore

After about 12 hours or so in bed, I woke up this morning when my alarm sounded, reset it for another 15 minutes and then got up to workout.  Still feeling kind of rough, I wasn't sure what I was going to do.  So I got dressed, and then headed up to my spin bike.  I didn't think my head could handle any jumping jacks from Jillian.  It felt good to be doing something. Despite having some trouble breathing, I made it through 45 minutes of great music and a great ride.  Not the best that I have done, but it was great because I did it.  NO Excuses!  I got it done!

After waking this morning I could feel the Extreme Shed & Shred workout in my shoulders.  As the day went on, I could feel Jillian's damage(a good damage)in my abs, my glutes and my legs.  That sore feeling reminded me of WHY I am doing this.  It made me feel stronger and fitter.  In addition to the JM's Extreme Shed & Shred workout yesterday, I also did the Ab Ripper X from the P90X program.  It's good, but I find the first few moves really hurt my lower back.  It would not be my first choice of Ab workouts to go to again.  I just hadn't done it in a while and I loaned my Brazil Butt Lift program to a friend, so the Tummy Tuck was not here for the picking.  I also tried out my new 15 lb dumbbells later on in the day.  I did a few Dead-lifts and some Bicep Curls.  I have to raise my BUTT.  Check out Tosca Reno's blog for today, her coach Rita Catolino has posted a sneak peak at the glutes workout she has Tosca doing.  I think I will give it a try sometime before this FREE week is done.  Check it out under "My Blog List" titled..."Higher and Tighter Glorious Glutes!"

I don't know about you, but when I got sick in the past, I always felt like eating crappy foods or not eating at all.  Well I am staying on track as best I can.  I find that I am drawn to more of the "good" sweet foods in the house.  With making my own "clean" snacks, there is nothing here that will tempt me or make me stray too far off my journey's path.  If you SHOP clean, you will EAT clean. 

I'm going to sign off early again tonight because I need to get some more rest, but I just wanted to show you the burger that I had the other day and then we had them again last night.  This time I had tomatoes to add some colour to it.  This was the Best Burger Ever from the cover of the Clean Eating magazine...

These burgers were great!

Also here are the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes that I cleaned up...

It looks like gravy on top of the pancake but it is actually a cream cheese icing made with Organic Coconut Palm Sugar instead of icing sugar.  The Palm Sugar is brown so that's why it looks like gravy.  It's actually quite nice.  These pancakes were rather expensive though because I used coconut oil for the cinnamon mixture and the icing, rather than using butter. 

Thank you all for the get well wishes.  I do feel better.  I will get back to my regular blog posts when I am feeling 100%.  As I mentioned before, I am sore but in a good way.  It makes me look forward to next week even more.  I can really feel it all now, now that the day is coming to an end.    I am going to rest now and get some sleep so I can tackle another one of Jillian's workouts in the morning.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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