Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 11 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 11 = Workout 1 and a whole lot of sleepiness

The day after MDNA Toronto, ON = I'm SO tired.  Waking up at 4am yesterday and then proceeding to have a fun filled day of shopping dining, dancing and singing and then driving home, arriving at 2:30am this morning = I'M SO TIRED.  But not too tired to put on a Madonna song, and proceed to dance around the kitchen this morning while giving my kids their breakfast.  LOVE IT! 

I did not get up at 4am this morning to workout with my husband...that was NOT going to happen.  This was not an excuse, sleep deprivation is a very valid reason for not working out.  The body needs its rest part as well as the working out part.  My husband DID get up and workout!  I'm so proud of him.  He sent me a text last night saying that he was going to let me sleep and that he would take care of himself.  AWESOME!!!

 During quiet time in the daycare this afternoon, I did catch about 30-45 minutes of rest, but felt even worse since I needed more than that.  I managed to make it through the rest of my work day, then it was off to my children's school for Meet the Teacher Night.  I love seeing the things my kids do at school.

And now here I am writing this post.  It won't be too long as I need to get to bed.  Let's talk MADONNA since there is no workout to speak of today.  Today's workout will take place on Saturday.  Tomorrow I will continue with Workout 2, some form of Cardio and then Killer Abs Level 1.  Saturday I will do Cardio 1 and the Glorious Glutes routine.

Now on to M~A~D~O~N~N~A...

The show opened with  DJ Paul Oakenfold...AWESOME.  He got me dancing for sure.  I don't think I sat down at all while he was banging out the tunes.  I thought to myself "my feet are going to be SO sore".  Oh well...they can rest when I'm dead.  BUT last was DANCING time!!!

When we went to our seats, the lights had already gone dark so it was hard to see the numbers.  We thought we were in the right seats and we were...well one of us was.  Our seats were located right beside a platform with a spotlight on it...well one of them was...After Paul Oakenfold was done, they cleared the stage to prep it for Madge and her entourage.  The house lights came on during this time and my friend Jill and I were sitting there watching the crowds, the stage crews and just enjoying the atmosphere, the seat started to fill up and then something happened...

...two girls came into our row but there was only 1 seat left...well that's what we thought.  Their tickets were for seats 12 & 13.  I thought ours were 13 & 14, but they were for 14 & 15.  WELL seat #15 was located under the spotlight platform.  WTF?!?!?!?  How could they sell a ticket seat for that?  We went down to customer service to talk to them about them and see what they were going to do about it.  I was going to cry if they didn't get it solved before Madonna took the stage...but they did.  First they had to check it out to see if it was legitimate or not.  IT WAS!  They gave us new tickets one section over and about 10 rows closer.  Secretly I was hoping for the floor.  We made our way to our new seats and waited for the Material Girl to take the stage.

Just a very short snippet of the opening.
My phone battery was almost dead by this time of the evening.


 Here is Jill and I with The Madonna Project... 

The plan was to get people to sign this and after the concert I was going to make it bigger and turn it into a quilt.  And I will!  We got a few signatures on it, but not many...I still have to sign it yet.

Here are some NEW friends that we met. 
These lucky people were on the floor at the concert...NICE!!!
They had fantastic seats.  Once Jill and I were in our NEW seats we spotted them on the floor, they were just off to the left of the top point of the triangular shaped stage...WICKED!!!
Yup, we saw you!!!  They said they might email me some pictures, so if they do I will post some.

A few little trinkets from the concert...

Here's my Lil' M sporting her MDNA Bracelet and me in my T-shirt.
My daughter wanted to go with me to the concert but I told her that she couldn't go, so she asked me to bring her something back from it.  They didn't have any t-shirts small enough to fit her so I knew she would like this bracelet all the same.  And she does! 

Madonna is a terrific performer, her singing and dancing was fantastic!!!  The overall show to me...was a little disappointing.  I think my expectations were too high.  I have wanted to see her for the longest time and this tour was probably not the one to do it.  Now if I had floor seats like my new friends above, I probably may have had a different opinion.  I was there to dance and I found that is was a bit slow.  Plus I was next to two ladies that just kind of stood fun at all.  Luckily for me they left before Madonna sang Like A Prayer, I love this song.  I had the area of 3 seats to Get into the Groove...and that I did!!!  It was fantastic!!!!  Then she ended the show with Celebration, another great song to dance to.  I was ready to go and then it was over just like that.  I was saddened by this.  I found that the mix of songs went from a fast pace to slow and slow and then fast then slow again.  Maybe it was just me because I had been up since 4 am, time was catching up to me.  Don't get me wrong, I did have a great time and I was very happy to see her live in concert finally and would definitely go again, but just not on this tour.  If she tours again...I'm down on the floor with the dancing people.  I need to dance.

The time is now 9:37pm and I am going to go to bed to get some rest finally before the 4 am wake up call.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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