Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 10 of Round 2 Body Revolution ~~MADONNA~~

Day 10 = Cardio 1 + Killer Abs Level 1 + M-A-D-O-N-N-A...MADONNA CONCERT!!!!

The alarm went off as usual at 4am this morning and I thought I had slept in.  I thought, "What the hell time is it?"  Then I looked over and saw my husband sitting on the edge of the bed with his workout clothes on already.  This is REAL good, because I have no idea if I will be joining him tomorrow morning.  I might just be rolling home from the Madonna concert at 4am.  So it's good that he is raring to go each day.

Good old Cardio 1...I think my husband feels the same way about Hot Feet as I do.  After finishing the Hot Feet in Circuit 1 I let some curse words fly out of my mouth...don't worry the kids were fast asleep still.  After finishing the Hot Feet in Circuit 2, my husband let those same curse words fly out of HIS mouth...LOL.  Cardio 1 goes by SO fast, if it weren't for the sweaty clothes, I'd almost think I hadn't done anything.  You start, and before you know you are about to start your last two moves and then cool down time...done. 26 minutes that's all it takes for this one.  Get. It. Done.

Jillian's Killer Abs...very doable.  And again, there is always the option to make it much harder...ADD WEIGHTS to some of the moves.  I will talk more about this one again on Friday when I do it again.  Because...

Today is ALL about...

I am READY!!!!

Here is the Madonna Project...

What can I say???...I'm a "Material" Girl
There is even a spot for Madonna to sign it...haha...silly Trina!
I have waited a long time to see her in concert so I am going to make this into a quilt after the concert.  I will make it bigger, maybe add some concert photos to it, I can scan my ticket and put in onto the fabric, I have all sorts of WILD ideas. 
Something to remember this day!

Today's food...
Breakfast: Salsa Omelet with Pemeal Bacon and Tomato

Starting my day off right.  Workout, shower, eat breakfast, send the kids to school...ENJOY!!!

Lunch: Prime Rib Sandwich with a Spinach Salad

I am going to post this now as we are going to make our way out for something to eat and then onto MADONNA!!! I will talk to you all tomorrow.

I'm sure I will be very very very tired tomorrow...

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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