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Day 12 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 12 = Workout 2 +(Dance Cardio + Glorious Glutes) brain was mush yesterday when I was saying that I was going to do Workout 1, cardio and Rita Catolino's Glorious Glutes workout on Saturday.  In the middle of the first Circuit of this morning's workout, I realized that TODAY is the day to do Glorious Glutes not tomorrow.  See what happens when you don't get enough sleep...your brain goes to mush and you can't think straight.  So be sure to get proper rest.  Your brain and body needs it.  I was so happy when I realized that it was Glorious Glutes day.  After doing it on Tuesday, my butt and hamstrings were feeling it ALL day on Wednesday, more so in my hamstrings.  It was great to be at it again today.  I feel my legs are getting stronger each day, and makes walking up the stairs even easier.  Not that I had trouble before but I am just feeling different...different, stronger and BETTER!  I am feeling like the massive jiggly bits on my thighs is tightening up...FINALLY!  There is still work to be done, but I am on the right track, and so can YOU!!!  Read on...

I added the link above for the blog post that includes the Glorious Glutes workout.  But here I have made it even easier for you to find.  I also changed the little miss type in regards to the order of the moves.  Also I added a few of my comments in red bold type.  The workout along with the blurb from the post from Rita Catolino herself...

From Coach Rita:When it comes to the rear end - usually women complain of too flat, too big or non-existent tushies. I think higher and tighter is usually what women want (hey, it’s what I like☺) and that is what we have done for Tosca. How? By focusing on her glorious glutes at least 2 times a week.

Here is a sneak peak at some of her exercises!

**note- when working on glutes and posterior chain in general - most of my clients who start out find it hard to “feel” anything. Mind to muscle connection is always important but even more so when it comes to gluteus training - a dynamic warm up and “thinking” with the muscle you are using is very important. It may take some practice.  Also, it starts from your feet - try digging your heels into the ground - it usually help contract the bum.  I also recommend training dead-lifts in a non-cumbersome running shoe - try some of the new weight lifting or 5 finger shoes - or as I do - shoeless!

Glorious Glutes
#1 Conventional Dead-Lifts
4 sets - 8-12 reps - slow and controlled - 60-90 second rest between each set (increase weight each set and focus on form - gluteus, hamstrings, lower back)

#2a Olympic Bar Alternating Rear Lunge
4 sets - 8-10 reps per leg - after lowering into rear lunge - come up half way and power back to start, switch legs. Chest proud, shoulders down, bar should rest high on upper back - not at neck. 30 second rest before super setting with #2b

#2b Unilateral Hamstring Curl on Stability Ball (start with both legs if just starting out)<<<this is what I have started with~Trina4 sets - 8-15 reps per leg - focus on digging heel into ball and squeezing glutes tight.  I tell Tosca to imagine there is a penny squeezed between her cheeks and to not let it fall ;) minimal rest before returning to #2a#3a Unilateral Dead lifts
3 sets - 12 reps per leg. Focus on flat back and keeping weight close to front of body - I prefer kettle bells in both hands here - but dumbells also work. I use dumbbells for this~Trina.  Focus on glutes and hamstrings. You may feel your ankle stabilizers here - this will challenge your agility and balance as well as all of the stabilizers. 15-30 seconds before moving to #3b#3b Hip Thrusts
3 sets - 15-20 reps. Place upper back on bench and feet on ground (bridge like position). Get a partner to place either a weight plate (bodyweight is fine as a beginner) or a loaded bar on your pelvis area (TOSCA’s favourite). Let your hips lower towards the ground and push through your heels and squeeze your butt as high and tight as possible holding for 2 seconds at peak of movement. Control on the way down, dynamic on the thrust. 15-30 seconds before moving to #3c#3c Kettlebell swings
3 sets - 20 reps. Use a heavy enough weight that it feels challenging and the bell doesn’t reach above forehead height on the swing. Focus on movement coming from glutes and hips (thrust movement)-
***this is advanced and I have seen so many people perform incorrectly - you could hurt your lower back. If you cannot deadlift correctly, then you cannot perform this movement. It essentially is a dynamic deadlift. 1-2 minute rest before returning to #3a#4 Weighted Jumping Squats (or thrusters)
6 sets - 15 seconds on 15 second break. KILLER- Tosca hates me after this one☺
I use 10 lb dumbbell in each hand for the first 15 seconds, break, no weights, break, weights again and so on~Trina. Some days it feels like a bit too much, if so, I just decrease my weights.
****If you are looking for a little more weight loss - add 15 minutes of treadmill sprints (30 seconds as fast as possible - followed by 1 min moderate speed) on a slight incline.  Stair mill sprints are more advanced and very helpful for this region of the body. 


So there it is, NO EXCUSES! Try it out! Just be careful you don't overdo it the first time out though.  It sucks when you push yourself too hard too fast, get hurt and then give up.  Giving up is NOT an option.  If you think your weights are too much, lower them or don't use the weights at all if you are just starting out.  Learn the moves and then add the weight in slowly.

When I went to the CanFitPro Consumer Show back in August, I was able to meet Rita and Tosca and you probably remember seeing the BUTT picture that was taken at the show, if not no worries here it is again...

I am going to see Tosca again next Saturday in Atwood, ON, maybe I can take another "Butt Shot" as a progress picture.  I will have to work on my posing and DEFINITELY do something with my hair.  They both look so gorgeous, I have to push the UP button on this one. LOL

I will get another week of workouts in including 2 more GG workouts before I go to see her again, (I'm not sure if Rita will be there or not) but it would be nice if I could get another chance to meet them both and take another picture.  Instead of crossing my fingers, I will squeeze my butt cheeks together in hopes to get another shot. Keep em tight! LOL

Someone else I would like to meet is Jillian Michaels. Maybe someday I will meet her, or even see her in person. For now I will try and reach her through my blog.  Jillian, I was informed last night that I was the one that was the reason for you to get another sale of Body Revolution.  My husband and I and the kids went to the Meet the Teacher BBQ at our children's school.  While we were there I ran into someone that I haven't seen in over a year or so.  First, she told me that I looked great, insert BIG smile here >>> : )  Chalk up a NSV(Non Scale Victory) for me.  Then she told me that she ordered Body Revolution and she got it TODAY(Thursday/yesterday) and it was ALL because of ME.  I know I may be sounding a bit high on myself (I'm not), I am only repeating what she told me.  That is FANTASTIC!!!! I have benefited from this program greatly and I'm glad that I have been able to inspire others to do the same.  It's always nice to see, and possibly know, REAL people that go through a journey of health and fitness, and to witness their results.  This was not the first time someone told me that I was the reason why they ordered Body Revolution.  I have had many people tweet, email, message me or left a comment on my blog saying that after reading my blog they placed their order.  That's great!  I'm just telling it like it is.  I love the program and the results I got from it the first time around.  I am glad to be back into my second round and it's fun having my husband do it as well.  So know what would be SUPER GREAT...if you could give one of my readers/followers/friends a copy of your 90-Day Body Revolution Program.  I know I am being quite bold and up front, but there is a saying..."If you don't ask, you don't get"...and the worst you could say is NO.  Together we could help one more person realize how great your program is, and then they will tell two friends, and they will tell two friends and so on, and so on, and so on...(yes, I know that was a commercial from way back when, but it's so true).  Please give it some thought, and let me know.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Phat's Healthy Bar

Lunch: Roasted Garlic and Butternut Squash Soup with Rice Cakes and Salsa

Snack: Baby Carrots

Dinner: Turkey Burger & Salsa served with Brussels Sprouts & Carrots

After Dinner Snack: Black Bean Tortilla Chips with my Homemade Salsa

Sorry for rushing through my food today, but I am still trying to catch up on my sleep, so I heading off to bed now.  I don't have to get up at 4am tomorrow, I get to sleep in until 6am...woohoo!!!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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