Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Week of Freedom Day 6 - Just Another Day at the Beach

Day 6 of my free week started off with a mixed workout and then a very special workout.  A few weeks back I bought myself the the Eat-Clean Diet Workout book, and in that there is a workout DVD.  It is very informative for a beginner.  As I was starting my warm up, my son came downstairs and asked if I had some weights for him...LOVE IT!...of course I do!  I grabbed him some 2 lb dumbbells and he started to workout along side me.  In addition to the ECD workout DVD, I also tried some of the "Glorious Glutes" moves from Tosca Reno's Coach, Rita Catolino.  Check for it on Tosca's Blog from the other day if you haven't already.  I am planning on mixing this GG workout in with Body Revolution, because I WANT Glorious Glutes!

Moving on to the very SPECIAL workout.  As I had started up with the Glutes workout, my son developed his own workout routine.  As I was working on my glutes, he was planning to video, copy and package his workout and SELL them.  My little entrepreneur.  The best was his packaging idea...he said he was going to put them in plastic sandwich bags...LOL  He told me his workout was for me.  I asked if I could share it with you.  The little workout guru said yes, so here it is...

This is the first copy, the first cut...LOL

After our workouts were got ready for the beach.  Packed our towels, sand toys, food and we were off to the beach.  I did start out with some breakfast at home before we left.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Peanut Butter & Graspberry Jelly Sandwich
I will freeze the rest of the Jelly so it doesn't spoil next week while I am doing the Kickstart.

Snack: Berry Oatmeal 
We stopped at Tim Horton's on our way to the beach and I grabbed an oatmeal to help fill my tummy.

Lunch: Salsa Fresca Rice Chips with Roasted Turkey, Sweet Pepper Sticks and Watermelon
We packed healthy, we ate healthy.


Dinner: Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Salad
On our way home we stopped in at Subway and I got my favourite.

This was a picture from a while ago.  I didn't actually have cheese on my salad tonight. 
I added a few hot peppers instead.

Snack: Dutch Chocolate Frozen Yogurt with some Peanut Butter
Just a little something to finish off my day.

While we were at the beach my kids had a MUDDY good time...

This is what happen to my kids after the Blue Moon last night...

I posted on my facebook page last night that my kids get EXTRA crazy once in a Blue Moon.  Well it spills into the following days too.  No never mind...they are ALWAYS this crazy and I LOVE IT!
I'm sure they will do some more crazy and silly things tomorrow too.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Go be SILLY!

Good night.



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