Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Week of Freedom - Day 7 - Rest Day = A Fair, A Grocery Store and An ALL Nighter at the Movies

Day 7 of my free week was my Rest Day. Today we went to the Paris Fair which was filled with HIGH FAT and HIGH SUGAR foods EVERYWHERE. I was ready for it though. I packed up my 6 Pack Bag with lots of good CLEAN foods, REAL food. The kids wanted to go on everything and play every game there. I think our children think we are a bottomless supply of money. We are not. So the whining started and it wasn't much of a Rest day.

After leaving the fair, we made our way to the grocery store to get our Kickstart foods and food for school lunches. This year I will be making two school lunches, as my little girl starts Junior Kindergarten. 🎤 It's the most wonderful time of the year🎤Back to school. We are trying to make the most of this long holiday weekend.

So with that said...we are now at the ALLLLLL NIGHTER Drive In Movies. So with THAT said...tomorrow's 5:30am alarm might be when we are going to bed. Body Revolution Round 2 will start later in the day.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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  1. I wondered when I saw you were at the all nighter!!! Okay, I'm up down here in NY and ready to put on my workout clothes for WO#1. Hope you are not finding it too hard to crawl out to the DVD player this morning. Maybe your little wolves will help motivate you. Today is a holiday from work, so I'll be putting salmon filets in the smokey joe, making soup, turkey patties, and poaching chicken - all to store for this week's meals. Ready to rock KickStart take II.