Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 34 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 34 = Cardio 2

I got up. I got it done. I got back into bed.  Hehehe...but not for long.  When I came back into the bedroom, my little girl was snuggled in the bed, she looked so cozy under the blankets, I couldn't resist.  I first had a quick shower, wrapped myself in my husband's robe and crawled into bed.  You see, my husband likes to have the window open in our bedroom for some cooler air for sleeping...but it was FREEZING in our bedroom this morning, so crawling back into bed was definitely called for.  My daughter woke up as I came out of the bathroom and when I crawled into the bed we had a little giggle that we were still in bed while the boys were up and roaming around.  They were getting ready to go out for the day...well... we were ALL going out for the day, together.  So I couldn't stay in bed much longer.

We were heading to MEC in Burlington, ON to do a bit of shopping for my husband's upcoming camping trip.  While we were in Burlington, we stopped in at IKEA.  Why is it when you go into IKEA for one thing that you need, you always come out with more than that ONE thing???  I bought a new light for the kitchen.  I NEED new lighting in the kitchen.  The light bulbs cost almost half of what the light fixture cost.  However, the light was NOT what I went in there for, that was the EXTRA.  I went in to get 2 more chairs for the daycare, as I have more after school children as of next week, so I NEEDED more chairs and came out with some lights too, and some cutting boards and light bulbs.  Let's hope the light looks good.  I hope to get it up tomorrow.  Our house is almost 13years old and only one of the kitchen lights has been changed, but my husband doesn't like it, so that one will be changed too.  One light down...two to go.

I know none of this has to do with fitness or food, but it has to do with me.  And with that, by getting new lights in my kitchen, I will be able to see better when I am preparing delicious and healthy meals.  The light bulb HAS gone on...well tomorrow it will.

After we got home from our little road trip, my husband was checking out his camping supplies so I took off to The Bulk Barn.  Remember a few months ago when I reorganized my kitchen cupboards???  The ones with the baking supplies in them???  These ones...

Well the trip to the Bulk Barn was to replace some of the supplies that I have used up in the last little while.  They now sell Virgin Coconut Oil in bulk.  I got most of what I needed, but I did forget a few things.  They can wait till next week.
Get organized in the kitchen, it really helps.  I am still waiting on my Kitchen-cleaner-upper cupboards are neat, but my counters are a mess right now. Let's hope the new light will help me get those counters cleaned up.  Because I don't think my kitchen-cleaner-upper is going to come over...

dare to dream...

Tomorrow we will be heading to my parents' place for Thanksgiving dinner.  Mmm...turkey and all the trimmings.  Right now I have 2 pumpkin pies in the oven, let's hope they turn out.  Besides going to my Mum and Dad's for dinner tomorrow, tomorrow is a BIG day.  Tomorrow marks my 500th day of logging into I must admit this last week hasn't been the greatest for logging in because of this cold I have, but I have tried to keep on top of it.  This site has kept me motivated to stay on the right path on my journey.  I am so glad that I began 499 days ago.  499 days and 41 pounds have gone and I feel fantastic(despite this silly cold).

Well it's late, it's been a long day and I am ready to say good night.  Tomorrow is my rest day, so...

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


Even though it is supposed to be my rest day, I may just get in a workout to offset the Turkey Dinner and Pumpkin pie.  Sweet Dreams!

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