Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 69 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 69 = Party Day! = Rest Day =Exhausted

I woke up a little later than I wanted to and I didn't get my Cardio done this morning.  I took today as my Rest Day.  It was PARTY DAY!  My son's 7th Birthday Party happened today and he was very excited and very happy.  The first thing on my list of things to do besides cleaning, was to get my son's haircut.  We needed to get out and get this done as soon as possible, then off to get the cake transfer made and back to the house to decorate the cake.  Plus more cleaning to do.

Haircut...check.  Cake transfer...check.  Cake decorated...check.  Hurt my neck...check.  <<<That wasn't supposed to happen.  I was moving the table I have down in the daycare, up three flights of stairs to the attic/loft.  It happened half way up the first flight.  The table was so heavy, I was in a lot of pain.  Still have the pain in my neck...ouch.

It was a great day for my son and his friends.  Because we were having pizza, popcorn and cake, I thought I would try serving up some more healthy snacks.  I cut up some apples, bananas and placed some raspberries on a plate and took them upstairs to the party floor.  This was how it looked when I first took it up...

Then it was time to open presents and then have some cake...
Not so healthy, but the kids liked it!
It was his BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!

Back to the healthy stuff again.  Here is what the plate of fruit looked liked after the pizza and cake...
YAY!!!!  Healthy kids ROCK!!!!
My husband and I polished off the rest.

Today's food...consisted of the good, the bad and the ugly...the fruits, dark chocolate ice cream and birthday cake

I know that today's food was not a good thing, but I assure you that it will not become a habit.  Well the fruit I will still eat, but the rest of the stuff...not needed.  And you shouldn't need it either.  Celebrations are great, but don't let the food back track you on your journey.  Treat yourself on the day of the celebration, and then refocus yourself immediately so that one day of party food will not become your regular routine as it may have been in the past.  You are stronger now and you can have one day of treat foods and then back to the good stuff again.  Your body will tell you that anyway.  You may even get a sore stomach from eating that crap.  THAT will be a reminder to get back on the healthy path again.  And you will.  I WILL!

After all the running around and climbing the stairs...I definitely got in a bit of a workout.  And once all the children had gone home, my husband, my son and daughter and I went out for a walk.  It was a beautiful night and it was nice to get some fresh air.

Well I am going to bed now.  I am going to try and get out for a run tomorrow if this pain in my neck does not interfere.  I hope it doesn't.  A good night's sleep may just cure it.  So until tomorrow...

Stay Strong!

Good night


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