Monday, December 10, 2012

Sleep...Killer Abs...Body Revolution WO 1

It was another sleep in Monday for me today.  For good reason though.  I ended of sleeping or trying to sleep on my daughter's bedroom floor midway through the night.  Once I got to sleep my alarm sounded and there was no way I could function if I got up then.  I went back to sleep only to be woken up with the light coming on and my daughter standing next to me.  I asked her to shut the light off again...she did...and then she snuggled up to me on the floor.  If you are wondering where she slept most of the night...well that's easy...she was in MY bed, and left me less than foot of bed to sleep on.  I couldn't sleep like that so I decided to take up my slumber in her room.  If you are wondering why I slept on the floor...well that's easy...her bed was covered with all the stuff (mostly clothing and books) that were all over her bedroom floor earlier in the day.  You see, yesterday was not so much of a lazy, lounge around the house in pajamas kind of Rest Day.  It was rather a cleaning of the house kind of day, not much rest was had(by me anyway). I did most of the cleaning in her room, but there was just SO much stuff all over the place, I did not get it done.  We had to go out to get groceries and by the time we got back, I just didn't feel like finishing it.  SO...I told her she had to sleep on the floor.  She was so excited to do that...too bad she didn't stay there ALL night.

Today's Workout = Killer Abs Level 1 + Body Revolution Workout 1
This is my plan I will be doing Killer Abs 3 times a week mixed with other strength training workouts.  Since I started Killer Abs Level 1 last Wednesday, I will be switching to Level 2 this Wednesday until next week when I change it up to Level 3 on Wednesday.  The following week I will do all three levels.  That is my plan and we shall see how close I stick to it.  You know me I like to change things up.  As I am typing this, I am thinking of other combinations that I could do.  Like maybe sticking with Level 3 for 2 full weeks.  It's the only level that I have not done yet with this workout, so I may need some extra time with it.

Plus this all runs into the holidays...NO EXCUSES though!!!  I will get my workouts done, even if it's a super charged gift opening session.  Just picture it...Paper flying everywhere(arms), jumping up and down(plyo), lifting the presents(legs), picking up wrapping paper(light biceps...okay very light biceps), holding my abs tight in hopes Santa brought me what I asked for(Abs)...Get the picture????  My Christmas day workout will have to wait until after all of the above goes on in my home.  As I mentioned before I don't think my kids will wait until Mummy is done her workout.

Okay so I told you that I would talk more about Killer Abs this here I go...
Level 1 - Starts off with a brief warm up before proceeding to 4 circuits, each one is tougher than the one before.  As Jillian recommends in most of her workouts...You can always make it harder by adding weights to the moves.  Same goes for this workout.  Some moves are done with weights, others are done without.  Most of the moves I did today were with the weights.  My favourite moves are the Weighted Triangle Pose...with 10 dumbbells in my hands, I move through Triangle Pose, Pike to Plank...with a towel under my feet, starting in Plank slide your feet in raising your hips to the sky and back out to plank again, the Ab Hold...starting in an elbow Plank, bring right knee in and over to opposite armpit , then over to right elbow then back to plank repeat with opposite leg...this is a good one.  With all of the strength training moves, there is some cardio moves mixed in to help burn the fat.  This workout is fantastic!  You can make it YOUR workout if you start, so START today.  I will talk more about it on Wednesday when I hit Level 2.

So I had a few people ask me what kind of watch that was in yesterday's "Rest Day" post.
It is a Suunto M4.  I LOVE IT!  It is my Heart Rate Monitor and it keeps track of my progress and YES, my Rest Days too.  Although sometimes I don't obey its commands when it comes to Rest Days. LOL  Check them out 

Today's food...
Breakfast: Banana Chocolate Protein Mug Cake
In today's mug cake I also added 1/4 cup of plain Greek Yogurt.  It needed to be cooked a little longer after turning it out onto the plate.  I don't really care to eat slimy eggs and this looked a bit slimy still and I wasn't sure if it was the eggs, the yogurt or banana or a combination of all, so I cooked it until it was firm.
I garnished it with a few pieces of the banana...yummy!

Snack: Pistachios
Why are these so addictive????

Lunch: Thin Crust Mushroom Pizza

Snack: Blackberries

Dinner: Bacon Tomato and Cheese Panini
Tonight was acting night for my son and Tim Horton's night for my husband and I and our little girl.

Tonight I tried something different...not too bad.

Take a look at my beautiful cat Belle, sitting in our Christmas tree woods.  She's so pretty...

Our Christmas wonderland cat

Earlier today I put up the chin up bar that I have.  It has been sitting in the corner of the bedroom for a very long time.  I put it up on the door frame of our bedroom.  Every time I go through the door, I try and do a chin up.  I will work my way to at least one and I will go from there.

Tomorrow I will be hitting the back of my body.  

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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