Friday, January 4, 2013

Activate + Rush Zumba and Ripped

Thursday recap…

Activate and Rush Zumba

This morning I needed MORE, more than the Step by Step workout DVD. 

I needed to dance!  And dance I did! 

At times, yes, I felt like I was tripping over my own feet, but I was dancin’ and movin’ and having FUN!

I started with the 40 minute Activate Workout and then had some time left, so I thought I would try the BONUS disc, Rush, that came with the program.  It’s a 20 minute Zumba Workout.  I enjoyed the second workout more than the first.  I think it was because it was non stop.

I wrote the above bit of post last night but ran out of time to finish.  So I will move onto today’s post.

Friday January 4, 2013

Zumba Rush + Zumba Ripped = A fun workout

Since I enjoyed the Rush workout so much yesterday, I decided to start with it today.  I had time to try one of the 2 toning Zumba workouts, so I went with the Ripped Workout to finish.  It was a fun way to tone up, but the toning sticks that come with the program are a bit light for me.  I could order the heavier ones OR I could just use my dumbbells and work my way up from there.  They aren’t going to be a fun as the Zumba toning sticks though, because the sticks are like maracas.  Shake, shake, shake.

Today I was thinking of mixing up the Zumba program with the Brazil Butt Lift program beginning next week.  Over this weekend I will write up my plan to mix the two together.

This morning, the daycare kids and I went for a walk on this beautiful Canadian winter’s day.   They were all dressed in their coats, snow pants, hats, mittens and boots.  I was toasty warm as I was sporting my new parka, by The North Face given to me by my husband on Christmas day.  Love it!  Love him!

Here I am, all cozy and warm…
...with my big bug eye sunglasses.

My husband also bought me a puzzle for Christmas.  I saw a puzzle of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and I mentioned that I wouldn't mind getting that as a gift.  Well it wasn't the Starry Night puzzle that he gave me, but it is a 1500 piece puzzle that has me intrigued.  And I will admit…that is why I didn’t have time to finish my blog post last night.  I went from LEGO building to puzzle building.  Ahhhh!!!!!

Tonight however, I am writing to you while watching a movie with my family.  I am sitting in The Big Orange Chair, I’m covered in blankets and I’m freezing…ahhhh…help!!!  I must be tired and need to relax.  But first...

Look what I got in the post box yesterday…

I will be looking through it this weekend, trying some recipes and some of the workouts. 

And tonight I bought myself a little gift…

I am looking forward to reading through this one too and trying out some of the recipes.  I looked through it briefly and noticed that some of the recipes I have already made.  It looks like another good one.

I got a text from my friend today in regards to Jillian’s Body Revolution program.  This is the same friend that I loaned my copy to last summer.  Her and her daughter made their way through the program and had fantastic results.  Well they want to continue on their journeys with the help from Jillian again.  She ordered a copy of Body Revolution for herself.


I swear Jillian should be paying me for all the copies of this program I have sold for her.  LOL

Tomorrow I am going to hit up some more Zumba and get my groove on and shake my maracas.  Yeah Baby!!!!

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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