Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rockin’ Body and Zumba Rush Kind of Day

My husband gave me a kiss as he does every morning to wake me up before he leaves for work.  I rolled over and shortly after my alarm sounded out… “I’m Sexy and I Know It”.  I am, but did I get up???  No I hit the snooze button instead.  Only once…well twice, only because I had two alarms set and they both went off a few minutes apart.  So the song kept repeating and NOT let me sleep.  And that is what the alarm’s job is.  I need one that shouts out “GET OUT OF BED YOU LAZY BITCH!”  LOL Lazy, I am not, but in the winter, my bed has gotten that much cozier in the mornings (and at nights too).  After posting my blog last night, it was so nice sliding into bed.  As I mentioned in that post, my body was already feeling the effects of the morning workout.  Well let me tell you…I am DEFINITELY feeling it today.  It’s been one of those ‘hold-onto-the-wall-while-trying-to-sit-down-to-go-to-the-toilet’ kind of days.  Maybe I should have used that as the title of my post today.  It would be eye catching that’s for sure. 

After rolling out of bed this morning, I began with Rockin’ Body’s ‘Party Express’ workout.  It’s only about 25 minutes long so I knew I could still get in my Zumba workout.  So first I rocked out with Shaun T and his crew.  The more you do the dance workouts, the better you get at them, and the more ‘flare’ you can put into them.  I just hope no one is outside my house watching me. LOL They would get a real laugh so early in the morning.  Me in my shorts and workout top, Shakin’ my A$$.  Oh yes…Shaun T has a move called “Jazzy”, which is pretty much the same as Jillian’s “Hot Feet” or “Fast Feet” as she calls it.  Only Shaun T steps it up a notch because you step in and out for different counts.  In the end you are in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out.  You get the picture…right?  Along with your legs going in and out, your arms are moving up and down all at the same time.  It’s almost like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time.  Go on…try it…you know you want to.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Tri-Berry Shake

I had to change this one up slightly.  I had to use frozen raspberries instead of frozen strawberries, but everything else was the same.
Next time I will try and have frozen strawberries on hand.

Snack: Greek Yogurt with Blueberries & Slivered Almonds

Lunch: BLT served with Apples & Peanut Butter
Plain and simple sandwich, yet oh so good.

Snack: Tuna Melt served with Veggies
It was listed like this…

This was a lot of food when set out on the plate…
But I decided to turn it into Tuna Melts served with the veggies. 

I only used about 3/4 of the tuna mixture.
The kids had swimming tonight, so this snack was great, it kept me going until we returned home.

Dinner: Greek Salad
The best Greek Salad I have had.  I’m AWESOME!!! LOL

I really enjoyed this meal.  
Well all the meals so far have been fantastic and so easy to make.

I looked over the two week meal plan and I have pretty much all the groceries for the full two weeks.  I thought that the grocery bill was a bit high, but I don’t need to get much this coming weekend.  AWESOME!!!!  Any fresh fish that I have purchased I may cook it up tomorrow so that I don’t have to freeze it.  The Salmon Avocado Sushi that appears in Week 2, I may have to purchase different salmon for that, plus I still need to get Nori (seaweed) sheets.  Those will be interesting to make and eat.  I am not a big Sushi eater; normally I only buy the California Rolls.  I think in order for me to eat Sushi more often, I would have to go to a Sushi restaurant with someone who knows Sushi.  My husband does not like it, so I would need to find someone who does.

Well it’s 9:21pm, and I am still feeling the effects of yesterday’s morning workout.  I can now feel and hear my abs screaming.  Tonight I have been sneezing a bit, and every time I do, my abs scream out to me, “WTF?!?!?”  And in my head I reply back… “Oh suck it up!”  I am back again to my “Build Your Best Body” workout in the morning.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


Here is a little P.S.

The other day my daughter and I watched the Katy Perry movie.  Here is my daughter pretending to be Katy Perry.  She was setting all the daycare kids up with microphones to be her backup singers.  

Trust me...she does change her clothes just as much as Katy does.  When we were watching the movie, during the singing of "Hot n' Cold", my daughter would say "Oooooh!" every time Katy had a new dress on.  Last night she got a hold of my iPhone and some ear muff headphones and listened to Katy Perry on repeat.  
Looks like I will be taking her to see Katy Perry some day.


  1. Hi there! I was just reading your food list that you show the picture of...I think that for the snacks, things separated with a semi-colin are separate snacks...meaning, if there are 3 things separated by a semi-colin, then you are to choose one of those options for your snack. I noticed sometimes they use a plus sign + so to me that means eat all that. It just seemed like a big snack to have 1 can of tuna, 2 rice cakes, 1 cup carrots and celery, and a string cheese. That's like 3 snacks to me or a lunch. I could be wrong, but you might want to look into it. I just wanted to bring it up because I don't want you eating more calories than you want. Keep up the great work though and thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Rae,

      Thanks for your concern. I was concerned about it too, and how some of the meals are cooked up. But with looking at the total calorie intake for each day that is given in the magazine meal plan, I am still under all of the calorie counts each day. I will mention this subject in my post later today as other may be concerned as well. In the picture of the tuna, rice cakes and veggies...it looks like a lot of food but if you add up the calories of the carrots and celery, it's next to nothing really. That snack totals 236 calories all in. The article states...
      "The high protein, moderate fat and moderate carb approach of this plan will give you the right combo of nutrients to rev your metabolism and fuel you for the training plan on page 74. With an average daily intake of 1,650 calories,150 grams of protein, 135 grams of carbs and 60 grams of healthy fats, you'll never feel deprived. All of the foods in this plan are clean and simple, and can be found at any grocer".

      So to me...that tells me that I should be eating it all. And as it said "you'll never feel deprived"...even with all that food, there are some days I do get hunger in the evenings, but that tells me that my body will dive into the fat stores I have in my body.

      Thanks again for your concern.
      Stay Strong!