Monday, January 7, 2013

4 Weeks to A Leaner You…well…ME

It could be YOU too.  Pick up a copy of January’s Oxygen magazine and join me in the Oxygen Build Your Best Body 90 day program.  February's issue has Month Two in it and should be hitting stores soon.  If you subscribe to Oxygen, you should have your copy already or within the next few days.  Check it out!

Today was Month 1, Week 1, Day 1.  No equipment needed, except maybe a yoga mat for floor work.

The workout consists of Wall Squats, Standard Squats, Lunges, Push Ups-4 different variations, Core work which consists of various crunches, followed up by a Plank.
I can really feel this morning’s workout in my quads and in through my chest and shoulders.  Feels great!

Before beginning the strength training, I did a quick 5 minute warm up, just to wake up and to warm the body up a bit.

Make sure you write down what you have done, so that you can see your progress throughout the week and month.  Here is my Stay Strong! notebook with my chicken scratching...

I made up a little chart to keep track of each day I do this workout.  I know that there are lots of fitness journals out there and I probably have one kicking around here somewhere, but I want to keep the cost low on this workout.  I'm saving up to buy myself another workout program to do after this one.
So grab a notebook and make yourself chart to track YOUR progress.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that this program is designed to workout 3 days a week for the first week, 4 days during the second, 5 days in the third and then 6 days a week to finish the 4 week off.  I said it would be going backwards for me, but today I decided I would still workout 6 days a week, but I would only do this workout on the days stated.  The off days I will do cardio like, spin, Zumba, Brazil Butt Lift and some Jillian workouts.  Oh yes and some yoga to stretch out.

So the program also includes a food plan as I mentioned yesterday and today I started that as well.  Here we go…back to more pictures of delicious meals and snacks.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Protein Pancakes Topped with Almond Butter
Here is the recipe for these pancakes...

These were not too bad at all.  Bananas would be good throw into them too, but I am sticking to the recipe.
Next time.

Snack: Cottage Cheese, Grapefruit & Slivered Almonds

You know that I am not a HUGE fan of cottage cheese, but this was really quite nice.  It doesn't say in the magazine if you are to mix all the ingredients together, but I DID!  And it was great!

Lunch: Chicken Wrap
My Chicken Wrap went from an exploding Wrap to a more manageable wrap and a small salad.

Very nice.  Next time I might add a touch of oil and vinegar to the salad.  Just a touch.

Snack: Hard Boiled Egg, Egg Whites and an Apple

Not a combination that I would have thought up, and it doesn't really look very appealing, but it was good.  A little bit of protein and fiber, to keep the energy levels up, mid afternoon.

Dinner: Tilapia and Sweet Potato Fries

Okay so the meal plan called for 2 cups of steamed spinach, I didn’t have any spinach because the grocery store didn’t have any, so I just omitted it from my meal tonight.  Instead of baking the sweet potato whole, I cut it into wedges and sticks to make my own homemade Sweet Potato Fries.  I used a dash of sea salt and the recommended olive oil, tossed them around in the bowl and then baked them for about 20 minutes or so.  Yum!

It was a great food day for sure.  I am still hungry now as I write this post, but I will not eat anything else before going to bed.  I even upped my calorie intake.  Let’s hope by raising my caloric intake, it will help break through my winter plateau. 

I always plateau in the fall/winter time.  But before winter is over, I find myself starting to lose again.  See I told you my body goes into hibernation.

Oh!  I just stretched my legs out and my quads are screaming.  Just think that was ALL from just using my own body weight.  No plates, no dumbbells, no ankle weights…nothing.  If you are strapped for cash and cannot afford to get a gym membership, this is a great way to get in shape right in your own home.  The magazine only costs $6.99CAD, the workout and meal plan are both right there.  Yes, the food will cost you money.  But you have to eat…RIGHT???  Eating right and eating CLEAN is more important than anything.  You can OUT TRAIN a BAD DIET.  So eat right the first time.

The wind is blowing and it sounds super cold outside and it’s making me cold in here.  So I think I will end this post here and get into my cozy bed to rest up for tomorrow’s workout.  I think I will get my dancing shoes on and hit the Zumba floor in the morning.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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